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The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will issue its ruling today on whether Proposition 8 which overturned legalized same-sex marriage in California in 2008, stands or falls:
Prop 8 was challenged by two Californian gay couples. One couple interviewed on a local TV station looked the picture of domestic bliss. The two middle-aged females with teenage twins have the normal challenges of any married couple. It is hard to see how anybody could cast this arrangement in the “death to the foundation of society”, light that proponents of Prop8 have.¬†
In August 2010, U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker ruled the ballot measure a violation of the equality guarantee in the constitution. That decision is the focus of the appeal, brought by proponents of Prop 8.in his words:
“A private moral view that same-sex couples are inferior to opposite sex couples is not a proper basis for legislation”
And this classic line: “Believers, it’s not about you”. ¬†
Judge walker is under the heat lamp of public opinion for being gay and his supposed conflict of interest. This is like saying judges who are parents shouldn’t rule on matters regarding child welfare.

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