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I am a Mom of five. Our family emigrated from New Zealand to the United States on New Years Eve, 2011. We left for our new home with five children under eight.

My husband and I had no family to meet us. No family to help us to adapt. We are modern day pioneers. Like the early pioneer women, I find that the days are sometimes hard and long in our new homeland, but the rewards are great.

This blog was originally called “Yea or Nay”. I left New Zealand frustrated with the political situation in my home country. Blogging on New Zealand politics has helped me to settle in.

Just like in America, the two major political parties tend to jostle and joust without much apparent progress. But life goes on for most of us.

Politics is still my hobby. There will be some international political commentary on here.

However, it’s foolish to dwell on the maddening when there is so much beauty surrounding us, no matter where in the world we live.

With the exception of Palmerston North.

That’s a Kiwi inside joke. If you want to know more then google “Flying Conchords”, God Bless America and thank you for your participation.