My Son

Following my last post.
I saw my son arraigned in court. I drove into Oakland to the Federal Courthouse @1301 Clay St. St, Oakland. It’s a formidable looking institution:

Donald V Dellums Federal Building Oakland.

It wasn’t very dramatic. I ran late as parking was hard to find. I walked into the Courtroom to find my son at a stand in civvies, (not in oranges or greens), to my surprise:

Why do prisoners wear orange? – Lsleds

My son was then interviewed by Oakland Pre Trial Services following his arraignment. He then appeared in front of the Federal Court Judge who determined his overall culpability and potential for rehabilitation. This is known as a “Detention Hearing”. From here, defendants have the potential path to prison or rehabilitation.

Pre Trial Services:

Pretrial services are programs that consist of officers helping cases get ready for court. Its primary responsibility is to assess a defendant’s risk, suggest terms for release, and supervise defendants freed before trial.

My son has special needs. He is on one hand incredibly bright:
Ozy tested in the top 1.5% of all Junior’s tested across the States in his year. After the testing was released, he received a relentless mailout from all the Colleges who would court him for his attendance as an undergraduate.

But emotionally my son was incredibly vulnerable. He always sought new experiences and was a thrill seeker and was at risk for seeking new experiences via drug consumption. Legal and otherwise. But even then, he craved stability. When the stability of Football fell through and he was admitted to hospital with a mass in his hip due to previously undetected hemophilia, Ozy was cast adrift.

He was released from hospital addicted to Oxycontin in 2020. Without a pain reduction plan.
He then was primed to be drawn to opioids.
Opioids are Fake opiates (derivatives of naturally occurring pain killing substances such as opium) manufactured by the Mexican cartels.
They are produced around the clock as the Mexican Cartels work hand in Glove with Chinese Pharmaceutical companies who manufacture the precursors to the Fentanyl pills offshore.
And if anyone wants to dispute the availability and harm of these precursor pills: Don’t be naive. I have picked these up from my son’s bedroom floor following his arrest. Nobody else had access to his room, thank goodness.
If the drugs were readily available in our house where we were just bent on bringing up a family properly; you can see how drugs are readily available in every American suburb.
Bioavailability of Opioids in the Middle Class American home is an industry that many shady operators have an interest in maintaining.
Cartel members along with corrupt members of our local law enforcement agencies ensure a thriving drug trade in our suburbs.

Why? I use the clotheslines analogy. Everyone in the drug trade has got comfortable being pinned to a clothesline.
As long as the tension across the line is maintained then every agent in the lineup gets dried appropriately:
Kickbacks, schemes, and oversight of the system is kept current and mutual without judicial oversight.

And God forbid, attention gets drawn to the drug trade in the neighborhood with an overdose. A death. A DEA warranted investigation.
All the parts begin moving and individuals such as my son are culled and detached from the interwoven fabric of Cartel Supply and suburban demand where elements in the enforcement agencies are covering to maintain the status quo.

The Government’s agencies might have buried my son in the prison system but the root cause of Northern Californian Opioid supply and demand is never addressed by targeting the bottom feeders. It protects those who would seek to profit from the continued drug trade:

Make those like my son an outlier. Deem him a drug dealer. Send him to prison My son wasn’t a dealer in the way the cartels, addict, recruit and deal. My son was a drug user with an incredibly high tolerance for his drug of choice.
My son was targeted and addicted in the suburbs. By the cartels and the lack of probity by the law enforcement agencies, alike.
The last thing I said to him on his admittance into Court ordered Treatment, was: ” I love you Ozy. If youare good. you will come good”.

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