I’m, about as stressed as it’s possible to get in the circumstances.
I’m not at liberty to disclose much of the situation:

My oldest son’s past is about to catch up with him. He will make an appearance in Oakland Federal Court tomorrow:
If you know his name or have basic search skills my son will pop up having been detained and charged by the DEA for possession of opioids with intent to supply.
I am not saying my son is a good kid.
Given the charges. (Although many will vouch for him as such)
I’m not about to bleat on about how my child will be mistreated by all the law enforcement agencies he will encounter hence forthwith.

I am reasonably assured that my son will be treated justly by the Federal Court system and likely be beaten on occasion.
This I estimate will be the likelihood, based on his treatment the first time transiting through Santa Clara County Jail.
If my son’s testimony of being beaten is correct and based on interviews with those who have witnessed inmates’ conditions at sister facilities throughout the U.S.
If you wish to contact me with further privileged information on the maltreatment of inmates:
My email address is

I am a ditzy and harassed Mother and Blogger who has the knack for being precisely in the right place at the wrong time. 🙂

I have been trying to get sufficient treatment for my son since he was first searched and detained for possession of drugs in 2022.
Ozy (my son) was originally addicted to opioids during a six week stay during preeminent medical facility, I.E: The Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital. San Jose.
The hospital did nothing to un-addict my then sixteen-year-old son who was at high risk of addiction after an episode of teenage psychosis. Not-uncommon apparently during high use Screen time and then Covid isolation.
There is not a lot in the way of treatment to keep my son out of the path of a drug-oriented lifestyle or get Drugs out of Corrupt California where Departmental backhanding is rife.
If not in the way of outright corruption (where money changes hands in order to secure an interrupted Supply Chain) but more a series of re-appointments where one Department says: “You’re, okay: “I’m, Okay,” as, if to keep the drug inhabitants fed and a steady stream of victims in a drugged-out haze, jonesing for their next fix of increasingly lethal narcotics and oblivious to the deaths of friends around them.
Try to get out: It’s nigh on impossible.
Nothing is available in the way of an all-approach modality (Mental, Spiritual and Occupational) that doesn’t dehumanize; victim-blame or plot an adequate long-term path to recovery tailored to the individual’s capacity to take on work or study to give the individual purpose.
I knew one woman who was on the streets for seven years.
For that length of time, she made her way by boosting (shoplifting) or living with others who had otherwise staked a claim.
She is now a well woman and has reconciled with her parents and is a parent.
(As if being a parent is the ultimate arbiter of mental fitness. 🙂 )
Centering the recovery around employment or future prospects is an option that appears to be invisible.

N.B. The use of Suboxone or the monthly injection Sublocade that quells the desire to go back to Opioids is not used in many treatment centers.

ALSO: Preventing the path to Wellness for Vulnerable individuals
London Breed: The mayor of San Francisco is undoubtably culpable.
She cannot apparently clean up the streets for our children. Although she of course could, a mayoral decree of no tolerance for pushing drugs combined with a path to rehabilitation for dealers and users; is well within her mayoral oversight.
The worst of the worst of our officials, let our children die and facilitate the deaths of those round them.

I mean:

What a hardened player: Breed is saying:

Don’t be mean to a color of choice even though another gang of choice (Hondurans) is Mopping up the streets with their hard Sales Activities. Leaving a superfluity of corpses in their wake. Back. Hispanic. White. (My son knows this}

You Know it.
I know it.
And all the while we all turn a blind eye.

Kids Are Dying

My son is not an agent. He does not sell drugs to supply and kill. Though he knows who does.
He says he is afraid for his life and has expressed fear for our lives if he discloses any upstream dealer.

These agents. These Merchants of Death are letting. drugs though a porous Border.
Every border country apart from California is demanding the Borders be closed.
The Army of Drug Mules on our Southern Border is overwhelming our teens.
And tomorrow when I turn up to Oakland Federal Court, I get to feel like a fucking idiot and a failure as a parent. But not culpable for letting my son fall in the Crossfire of the U.S Drug War that is demonstrably corrupt and Ongoing.

I can only pray that the State of California and the Justice system of the U.S.A. has the wherewithal and programmes to rehabilitate AND not punish him.

There is a photo of my son: (to be posted here, after his dealings with the Justice System.}
He looks like any other healthy glowing Junior. He loved playing football and was a big supporter of me when I was dealing with my own mental health ‘trials’.

My son as a healthy Junior

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