TwitterFiles: Balls Deep in the Disinformation Game. Pt 1.

Following the #Twitterfiles release, I digested a TwitterSpace where Kim Dotcom and others hosted and Elon Musk spoke. These are the main takeaways from before Elon spoke: (Everyone knows more or less what the intrepid billionaire has to say as he has made himself available to a gazillion followers who are either praise or condemn him depending on their interpretation of his character:

The Blind men and the Elephant. a Folk tale.

That was interesting. I get it. We don’t know all facets of a person unless we know them intimately. We can’t use that to prejudge the info dump.

But we do know Elon Musk released important info re suppressed information that a large chunk of the population has an interest in. Was This a good thing?

I am going to place the dots as to why #Twitterfiles is so important at this point in the game, and you can pace join them. The Hosts of the Dotcom/Musk TwitterSpace made the following points

1.) If you ask a random sample of people: “Do you trust the Government?”. An overwhelming majority will say, “no”!
Or Fuck no”.
A large portion of those same people will trust, and even express trust in the media’s interpretation of the Government’s policies.

This is a huge vulnerability! If we believe with all cause that the Government essentially cheats and withholds we want to have the information decide when to call our public servants out But we are inclined to be influenced by the media. Then all the Government has to do is infiltrate, fund or become the media. Or all three.
Conclusion. We can no longer trust legacy media. We need to have alternate news sources.

2.) Can we trust that Governments don’t play the Social media game?
It is now obvious, though those of us who knew what to look for, suspected, that Governments of the world are manipulating the public discourse via social media.
BTW you can use a service like Thunderclap or Crowdspeaking to amplify its message (This particular iteration has shut down).

What if, instead of being used a tool for organisations to get word out there. It is a tool commandeered by the Government! It’s a propaganda speakerphone.

Here’s a possible example of a disseminated Governmental Directive. : “The Unvaccinated are unclean. They don’t deserve to hold down jobs like you hardworking people. They shouldnt even be seen in cafes.”
Worst kept secret in the world: The New Zealand Government was able to exile a million expats and prevent unvaccinated from accessing jobs, healthcare and other public services durimg the last two years.

Jacinda Ardern the Chief Policy Executioner, directed this incredibly hostile, inhumane and dehumanizing approach to addressing Covid.

No-one stood up to her as she had numbers on her side. How many of them were real voices?
(I don’t really dislike anyone but when I do, they are bullies.)

Moving right along.
So, what! It’s just a game and someone’s gotta run the show even if some people are unhappy!

3.) “Are you sure our elected representatives are running the show and doing their best to implement policies from their platform”?

“What would be the signs that this wasn’t the case?”

Overreach and people getting hurt or ending up in jail on charges later thrown out or with sentences disproportionate to their actions. Particularly in the case of journalists or whistleblowers.

IE: Didya hear about the one where a couple got jailed for not following Health Department directives, but violent crimes go unpenalized?

Watch for that phenomenon!

Situations where individuals are made an example of!
Individuals are thrown under the bus to show that speaking out or acting out of turn is dangerous. The first amendment is disregarded. Trampled on. Result: A compliant population.
Most people will be aware of the plight of Publisher Julian Assange. Journalists and whistleblowers have historically been punished for highlighting over-reach by Departments that contravene individual or group rights. In the pursuit for justice or protection of society.
That trained and professional breed; Journalists are generally protected, but it is labelled criminal espionage or treason to publish stuff that embarrasses these Departments.


This phenomenon of killing the messenger happened after the Korean War; In the pursuit of answers around the Vietnam War and showing the world what happens after nuke deployment.

That last: Photography of bombed Hiroshima by Australian journalist; Wilfred Burchett made the world a safer place. Never again will nukes be deployed with impunity thanks to his incredibly dangerous photojournalism.

(History has repeated. Australian journalist Assange is imprisoned because Governments and Security Services of three different nations have been complicit in silencing him.)

Even if you are a citizen of another country, you are not necessarily immune from prosecution once free speech has been criminalized.

This Media/Security Services and Governmental sandwich has now been exposed in the TwitterFiles Dump, Part 1.

Let’s get on the same team here, folks. It appears the dump was a good move as it exposed how dismissive and arrogant, all of those three agencies are when they collude.

I wonder what else is out there waiting to be freed?


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