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The Scene
The last week was a pretty successful one, personally. I closed a business deal. I’m disorganized so I am chasing loose ends. It’s fairly minor. Real estate.
I finished a Calculus paper. Started a second course of study. Neuroscience. I’m interested in the brain and behavior. Trauma and rehabilitation. How do people overcome adversity. How do they come back from “Hard Things”. Post war life, addiction. Traumatic chronic illness, Is there a recipe? An algorithmic soup as it were?
Last week my daughter starred in the Lion King as Scar in the Local Production. She has the ability to go into character. Maybe she will explore acting. I want her to have an easy uncomplicated life.

Oh, and our family home was raided by the Cops. Mid morning on a Tuesday. Ten units, K9, guns and a Hobbs Seal (no knock warrant) warrant to search) (assault rifles Inc. AR 15’s)
We have drugs in the community. Opioids; Fentanyl. Meth. Teenagers are dying in many suburbs of America. A number of teens got their persons and their houses searched that week in surrounding counties.
I was at school at the time. I knew our house was about to be searched. How did I know? Unusual activity in the neighborhood. When you go to treatments for drugs and alcohol over and over like I did, you learn stuff. How to be observant. You play spot the Undercover Cop.
My oldest son had been taking opioids off and on. He had been detoxed under medical advice in 2021. His initial encounter with heavy opioids was in a hospital setting for pain relief.
I told my teen to sort his shit out on the Monday. I cleaned my bathroom in case the cops would think I was a pig if they came through and went to class. I was more concerned about missing calculus than freaking out.
I called home at school break and I guessed by the tone of hubby’s voice that they were at our house so I left class and drove by. Asked the Sergeant how long they were going to be. He said, about an hour, so I picked up a coffee from the coffee cart and went back to class. I felt like a right cock for being late back to class.
Isn’t it interesting how the human brain works to protect the mind and consciousness?

The rest of the week unfolded. I scrambled to keep my family safe. My son got put up in Motel 6.
He had to get a lawyer. I went to watch my daughter perform in a play. That was heart wrenching considering the circumstances of our family.
I wished I could have done better in my Calc final. The injury in the parietal and temporary lobe hamstrings me in exams. Not to mention the hours I had spent cajoling my previously opioid addicted son to his senses, over his interaction with the cops.
He had been arrested at McDonald’s in the early AM before the search.

On Saturday following the search. I woke up with my nerves jangling. I decided to get my son out of town TODAY! He had a treatment bed pending, and being aware of details which I can’t or won’t disclose, (he is now early in recovery) I chose to lam it with him. He was free but because of his actions I was unsure how long it would be before we drawn back into the scene .

After my journey to treatment with him and living with my son for a year, I have come to the certainty that: 1. ) There are several agencies on the drug “scene” that are vested in it’s continuation, none of whom have my son’s best interest in mind. 2. ) The cartels are selling drugs widely in the ‘burbs of America. Maybe they have always done this. Only now the drug being fenced is deadlier. Micro-doses of Fentanyl enthrall some. (Small amounts shut down the central nervous system.)

Imagine if as a social drinker every 250 times you drank you were forced to chug a handle (1.75 liters) of alcohol) There is no guarantee you would come out alive. These are the odds: Or as the sheriffs of a border county say: “Will you get on the plane today”? The link is an interview by Jacki Daily of two border county sheriffs. The sheriffs liken this public health crisis to, a 757 every day taking off and dropping out of the sky and killing all on board.
3.) Teenagers like my son are being addicted and recruited. Addicted and recruited. In a profitable enterprise. It’s like a Santa sack pegged up on a tree or a Clothesline. It’s full of goodies and no-one wants it to fall and spill the goodies everywhere. Every now and then a peg is removed and discarded. A teenager dies. Someone like my son loses his mind.

And Mom’s like me have to do an fifteen hour road trip with a methed up opioid addict on the come down because medical help is so hard to access even with health insurance.
Don’t get me wrong. It was fun. It was a little quirky back-tracking though a prison town to distract him, to see if we could score when an afterhours clinic wouldn’t prescribe suboxone. (We of course didn’t go on an illicit drug buying mission, but I have heard of other Mom’s resorting to extreme measure to keep their children alive, stable and seizure free)

What now?
Fentanyl deaths have touched our lives. I’ll ensure my son knows the meaning of accountability for having drugs in his room. But I won’t let anyone fucking touch him, anymore. And I had hoped that I could pull together a narrative that might resonate with other Mom’s and after checking with a lawyer; What might be revealed other than anonymously that would be useful to other Mom’s and Dad’s and politicians to change the War on Drugs to how to Minimize Harm from Drugs.

But I digress. What I learned today from my own Drug and Alcohol Counsellor is that while there is chaos in the suburbs. Death, detritus and mayhem:
This is but the latest chapter in the War on Drugs and there is NOTHING that can be done about it.
Everybody wants drugs to stay illegal. Nobody wants to close the border until the measures are put in place to regulate the flow of guns and drugs and so kids will still die, go homeless, or go to prison.
With the Federal Governments blessing. The cartels are quite open: “It’s okay to kill the American”, a cartel member said to one of the sheriffs.
And why should they care”, said my friend. “We”, (Our Government) hasn’t!
There will be more fentanyl deaths.

And right now I’m jaded. No-one cares so I’ll look out for my own. I’m sober, in recovery and I’m going to get my nails done in Santa Barbara and go home and plan my next trip to a border county.
Why am I going? a taste for travel. Thirst for knowledge. To check in on my son.

A Mom and Son

And if anyone chances on this who has some input into public policy. The only way out is this: Full legalization. Regulation. Total border and customs control until the supply side is regulated.
Forget the bleeding heart about the importees or the deportees.
Lastly. Stop pinning it on the fragile addict. we are sick to fuck of playing doctor, lawyer, politician and gangster.

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You, Dear reader may be more educated than I on the implications of the following so I will make it quick and dirty:

Recently Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern has been globe trotting. First she went to the U.S. She managed to admonish the US on it’s gun laws just with her presence and also troll, “Keyboard warriors”, before meeting with the President of the United States for some charming but gropey photo ops in Washington.
The New Zealand public were told that no headway had been made in trade talks with the U.S. What we weren’t told that a major five way security pact was being discussed. The reasons for which will become clear. You can and needs must de-link Trade and Security.
And Ardern went on her way.
The EU leg was a much vaunted success. She and her diplomatic team finalized trade talks four years in the making.

I failed to see much detail in the media. So looked at the material coming from the European Union

Key Elements of the New Zealand-EU Trade Agreement

“Bilateral trade is expected to grow by up to 30% thanks to this deal, with EU annual exports potentially growing by up to €4.5 billion. EU investment into New Zealand has a potential to grow by up to 80%. The deal can cut some €140 million a year in duties for EU companies from the first year of application.”

“European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, said:  “New Zealand is a key partner for us in the Indo-Pacific region. This trade agreement brings major opportunities for our companies, our farmers and our consumers, on both sides. It can help increase trade between us by 30%. It includes unprecedented social and climate commitments. This new agreement between the European Union and New Zealand comes at an important geopolitical moment. Democracies – like ours – work together and deliver for people.”

This is an entirely different angle and set of statistics to that reported in New Zealand media:

“Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who helped conclude negotiations in Brussels said it would help grow exports to the European Union by $1.8 billion a year by 2035” NZ Herald 30th June

Would’ya look at that. There is a significant balance of trade deficit there of 2.7 billion.

Leaving that there for a moment:

New Zealand was informed that the benefits were all positive for New Zealand though that clearly is not the case. That kind of deficit is going to lower the value of the New Zealand dollar and its already hard enough to buy essential medicines and goods and services on the open market.

I was interested in what New Zealand may have had to put up to gain a material benefit from the deal.
Aware of the Prime Ministers social engineering agenda I went further in: And there it is. Once the deal is signed. New Zealand will be legally tied to the EU Carbon Market and the International Labour Organization.

1: Both Labour and Climate disputes will be enforceable in an International Court setting.

2. Labour under Ardern is committing to a low Carbon economy (and probably reduced methane emission economy as well) No wonder the Farmers feel rooted. EU pig farmers get open access to our markets yet dairy herd numbers in New Zealand may get culled.

3. New Zealand working conditions will be dictated by Brussels. To put it mildly. This will not give New Zealand a productivity boost.

4. All this comes with extra costs on businesses.

An excerpt from the Trade Deal:

“The TSD chapter obliges both parties to the effective implementation of the ILO conventions and the Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) that each party has ratified.

The agreement commits the EU and New Zealand to effectively implement the Paris Agreement and to work together on climate-related matters, including carbon pricing, or transition to low-carbon economy.

The TSD chapter has a broad range of commitments and cooperation provisions on issues such as decent working conditions, including labour inspection social dialogue, sustainable management of natural resources, forestry, fisheries, aquaculture, ocean governance and the promotion of responsible business conduct. It also promotes cooperation to encourage the shift to a circular and resource-efficient economy and deforestation-free supply chains. It also contains provisions regarding the relevant UN and ILO conventions advancing women’s economic empowerment and gender equality, including promoting cooperation in international fora to advance these objectives.

TSD commitments are legally binding and enforceable through the agreement’s general dispute settlement. Moreover, for the first time in the EU trade agreement, the TSD chapter foresees the possibility of trade sanctions as a matter of last resort, in instances of serious violations of core TSD commitments, namely the ILO fundamental principles and rights at work, and of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Charming. It would have been polite to have had a few press releases at the ready on New Zealand’s binding economic ties with the EU.

And don’t bother looking for the details. These are yet to be released. Of course. Transparency is everything.

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Its been over a week since Roe vs Wade ws overturned.
In 1973 the Supreme Court ruled that a woman had a Constitutional right to abortion under a Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment conferring “right to privacy’. It’s technical but the initial ruling treated women as having a say in entering into pregnancy and balances a woman’s and the state’s interest in termination of pregnancy and the welfare of the Mother and fetus in different trimesters.
Henceforth, there is no Constitutional Protection. All women may NOT CHOOSE. From the moment of her conception to Fertilization she is property of the State.
Her rights are nil if she lives in the state of South Dakota under Governor Kristi Noem:

Kristi Noem, governor of South Dakota, pauses while speaking during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas, U.S., on Sunday, July 11, 2021. The three-day conference is titled “America UnCanceled.” Photographer: Dylan Hollingsworth/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Noem got grilled on State of the Nation on July 3rd and indicated children would be forced to give birth to children if it happened on her turf in South Dakota. She must have got a fright at the reaction because a few hours later she went turncoat on her Republican party values and gibbered out some words about it being time to enact Paid Family Leave.
This policy is totally against what the Republican party stands for and a demonstrably controversial platform to attack her on. Noem is effectively pushing Democratic Party values, straight after saying she would force a child to have a baby. It follows a controversy where a ten year old Ohioan girl was denied an abortion in her home state at six weeks pregnant.
Imagine being violently raped and then made to feel like a baby murderer by state Officials.
See it here:

This is the worst of politics.
Noem tries to dodge the question to avoid judgement and suggests that what the child was impregnated with has value. Unwanted emission doesn’t have value over human life. Unless you believe in fairies and haven’t ever studied biology.

It’s Wrong.

This is child abuse. It is child abuse and sexual enslavement to force a child to carry a pregnancy to full term.

But Kristi Noem will do anything for power. Kristi Noem is a lizard woman who snuggles up to power. Because she knows power comes with only one thing and that one thing is.


Men made the rules about reproduction despite women carrying babies to term. It’s not about morals here. If you know anything about biology, you know it is spurious to equate the inception of life with a baby. Two copies of chromosomes fuse and voila. A chain of events is set in motion but those chromosomes do not have a soul attached.
Unless we live in a dystopian nightmare.
Which we do, because Republicans guilt us with the notion that there is a floaty rainbow string with a soul attached to the zygote. (The zygote is the product of the gametes fusing. It’s not special. Yet.)
Slithy operators endeavoring to crowbar apart these legal protections, forced the abortion debate until our Constitutional right to manage our reproductive years was snatched away.

And women have done nothing much to upset this order of things.

But Wait. What? Forced pregnancy?

Thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs Wade, you, or your child if she becomes impregnated would be forced to carry that to term.
To become responsible from inception to viability for a life that you morally, and personally have to vested interest in.
Oh no! That’s right!
The State says you have a moral duty to incubate unwanted genetic material even though it might have been inflicted upon your person in an act of violence.
Though your life and health might depend on it. Though it doesn’t resemble a life UNTIL YOUR PARENTS OR THE STATE FORCE YOU TO SAY YES! “I MUST HAVE WANTED THIS ALL ALONG!

Those sickos in some pregnancy help centers have special training to help you unknow your own mind. (They don’t just gift young mothers car seats and baby blankets; Oh no. Not in this country.

Even though Nature herself commits some of the most violent acts of genetic rearrangement during cell division and you might not have a viable creation in your uterus. The choice too, has been taken here because, LIFE!

Is it any wonder females still have no real political power in the Greatest Democracy of the World?

But Who’s to Blame?

We Fingered the Wrong Justice, Guys:
I too blamed Clarence Thomas for this complete abortion.

Perversion of justice. Misrepresentation of women’s interests.
but Alito would appear to be the one with callous disregard for the fair and equal representation of women:
Writing for the court majority, Justice Samuel Alito said in his draft opinion that the 1973 Roe ruling and repeated subsequent high court decisions reaffirming Roe “must be overruled” because they were “egregiously wrong,” the arguments “exceptionally weak” and so “damaging” that they amounted to “an abuse of judicial authority:
Those were his Republican Predecessors actually.

Alito’s opinion also shows he has more dogs in the hunt.
Watch out; Same Sex Marriage.

Writing for the majority, he said decisively that abortion is a matter to be decided by states and the voters in the states. “We hold,” he wrote, that “the Constitution does not confer a right to abortion.”
But it did in 1973.
Are you feeling like you have been mad-fucked by a demented octopus flying a helicopter while Mt Rushmore erupts and the Oompa Loompas chant dirges in Main St?
That’s American Politics.
Happy Fourth July!

I cannot understate how partisan this Bench is. They have a duty to interpret the law impartially but they have a duty not to throw out fifty years of precedent, an undoing that throws a shroud over the lives of all women. Mothers. Grandmothers, daughters.
SCOTUS could have made a recommendation to the Senate and the House. Separately. A legal stop gap measure. Without it, their bias against the welfare of women is clear:

But Biology has no bias and no politics.

My Observations and recommendations:

Lizard People wear green. Joke.

1. Nature has abortions all the time. Gametes and zygotes are coming and going on the Earth all around us. Visit a farm.
Stitch the sanctity of life here on earth into legislation. The reason why I drop biology lessons into these posts is to iterate:
Belief should not control the outcome for the majority, being 50% of the population. ABORTION IS NOT A MORAL ISSUE. IT IS A CONTROL ISSUE. The more people you control, the more political power you have. If you control reproductive rights then you control women.
It is not about the value on life.
These sick fuckers know: It is about control of minds and votes.

2. We must protect women from the horror of carrying an unwanted child when the reality is so much closer to nature’s solution to unviable pregnancies.

3.We must not let them the lizard people (joking) and the Barbie fascists continue the lie that women are killers and that babies are being murdered.

All women who have lost pregnancies have mourned them. Or mourned lost innocence.
We are women first and foremost and we deserve better.

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