Elon Musk did it. Hosted Saturday Night live and geeks and haters and Late Night aficionados world wide tuned in to catch his SNL debut. I did. I was excited to see how he presented. There was so much offhand hatery presaging his appearance. People were outraged he was invited to host. There were spurious accusations of mistreatment of staff and the odd article appeared impugning his character while falling short of defamation.
Thank You Texas For Taking Elon Musk
I think most of the rumblings of discontent were generated by pissyness that he recently moved to Texas and wasn’t too happy about the spectre of unions organizing on his shop floor.
What else? Oh. He thought Coronavirus was a well-perpetuated hoax or it was a myth that it was as contagious as it was. “The Coronavirus panic is dumb” Musk tweeted on March 6th. He criticized lockdown encouraging his workers to continue to work and advocating for an approach like Sweden’s which initially pursued a no lockdown herd immunity approach it later abandoned.
Which actually makes him not that much different from, well many people who were popping up all over my Facebook feed that time last year (March through May). No one wanted to wear a fucking mask and many thought it was a sign that our freedoms were being eroded. That it was a cunning plot by the Democrats to steal the election. Turns out the Democrats didn’t need any help. Either they were well organized ahead of time to do it on their own or Trump shot himself in the foot enough times over and over it was a walk in the park. Masked up of course. The two men showed some similarities in their beliefs and behaviors last year One word. Chloroquine. Musk wondered on twitter if it would be effective in the fight against Covid after it was used to treat him when he fell ill with a deadly form of Malaria: Falciparum in 2000
But while Trump would double down and lash out on Twitter and in real life: thus ensuring his Megalomania ego part would dominate and take charge of the rest of his personality, Musk has an endearing ability to pause in the aftermath of any misstep, impulsive tweet or action  and self reflect and take ownership of his presentation to the world.
He makes a comment in the opening SNL skit about being reduced to “the dumbest thing they ever did”! (He smoked a suss cigar on a Joe Rogan podcast in November 2018. ) This caused Tesla shares to drop and two execs to walk. “one time I smoked weed on Joe Rogans podcast. It makes makes me look like I go from podcast to podcast lighting up joints”, said Musk last Saturday!
“I reinvented the electric car and I’m sending humans to Mars on rocket ships. Did you also think I was going to be a chill normal dude?” He laughed on SNL

He talked about having Asperger’s. By taking the mickey he did something wonderful. He freed up the topic of atypical intelligence and linked it to behavior which brings it up for discussion. If a billionaire Wunderkid can take the piss out of himself and acknowledge the odd pratfall but, get this: Not apologize for his actions because. Really? Where’s the harm? He got a little stoned once on air. So what. He mostly adds value to his company and what CEO doesn’t get up the nose of some of his execs or directly impact on the value of the company stock. They can’t rise in a straight line forever.
He’s not friendly to unions. The unions are one of the checks and balances of life but Musk isn’t obliged to see eye to eye philosophically or politically with anyone. No-one is.

He’s certainly comfortable with who he is and what he believes in. That is far more enviable than the billions. I must photoshop myself into a photo with him and osmose off that confidence.

Speaking of neurodivergence. I did some neuropsyche testing recently. The results came back. I found on top of, well. Everything 🙂 Like the 5cm hole in my head from the stroke. I have ADHD. Essentially I have a great idea and I can’t pay attention to it! OR I just get bored and you won’t see me for a couple of years. So anyway. A schedule is a key for ADHD and right now I am getting ready to write a book and the only way to do that is consistency and a calendar. I think the lesson that can be learned in the case of Musk is that self awareness is key, be non apologetic and then use your neurodivergence to your strength. Because if you’re at all atypical your brain has immense untapped potential.


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