Anxiety Trials

Haha. The original title of this post was going to be: ” I met two FBI agents in detox”. But i dropped too many caps.

I’m not shitting you. The first was a female FBI agent. She worked breaking peadophile circles with the Irish Defense Intelligence Section. She worked out of the U.S. reporting back to Ireland.. The second FBI agent I met had worked on the Mexican border stopping border crossings and was a post 911 agent. Following that he worked on meth drug circles proliferating out of San Diego.
Anyhow. We all ended up cohabiting due to different circumstances. Slightly different. We’d arrived at the point of alcohol dependence.
Alcohol  Dependence! Gasp. Sorry if you know me personally and think less of me for it. It’s awful to think that I might be judged. Especially as your average Suburban Mom. Okay, maybe, not so average. My husband made some dosh from a start-up internet business and moved us from Johnsonville Wellington, a suburb I love but a friend sledged as a place not to live in as it wasn’t Khandallah. (New Zealand in Joke 🙂 to Alamo, California. She eventually left for Nelson and everybody else in the Baby Group ended up in Whitby.
(The cash is all gone BTW :, just in case you’re thinking of breaking and entering, 🙂 we spent it on three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and upgrading our pool)
Me! A small town girl casually talking about upgrading her pool! Whoda thunk it!

And know we have to pay a fuck ton of property tax. Average rates in New Zealand picks your pocket over to the tune of roughly $2800. Here we get a tab of $18,000 a year. I might have to Housewife and get a paid job.

Alcohol Dependence. What a Shitter.
Heaven forbid you admit you have a problem right?And once it finds you it will stay with you. I’m just being honest here.
So anyway, I first went off the drink at age 25.  I was royally twelve stepped and I loved the fuck out of it. I was the Poster Child of AA. I was on every committee in at least three Twelve Step Fellowships: AA, Overeaters Anonymous and the last two I can’t say. Ok: I will:
SLA and CA. One’s for sex addicts and the other is for Cutters. I’ll let your imagination go to town and 🙂  The cutting thing was more a piercing stage where I ended up piercing  two holes in each ear and pierced my nose. My Nana told me off and it fell out one day and I never replaced it.
I might pierce my nose tomorrow in rebellion if my kids put up anything more like this on my fridge:

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