Argh. Someone needs to blow the lid on this. I mean, how hard is it in our situation. Raising a family and keeping house and everything else our situation entails. To be perfectly honest, I post sporadically because quite often I function from the default of being really anxious. So anxious I had to miss some medical appointments this week. I just texted my housekeeper to tell her to come in two days time. I was in tears yesterday on the phone to a friend from anxiety.
She asked me if I had anything to take (like Librium or Valium/Xanax. I’m not into pills and so I said no. She said she was anxious too. and I think of her as so together. Not someone who might succumb to anxiety. We talked some and then I freaking begged her for some cigarettes. And I’m not a smoker! And she isn’t either.
Anyhoo. Half an hour later I got a text: I’ve dropped some Virginia Lights into your mailbox 🙂 Loving my community. And My Mom who arrived here yesterday. So glad to have my Mom 🙂 Big Ups!

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