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From: Philip W
Sent: Sunday, February 5, 2017 10:28 AM
To: Monique Watson
Subject: Homework haha 😀

Hi There! My Au Pair Philip has posed the following questions as part of the educational component of the exchange programme. As you know by now, I am an early waker. Today I  woke early and was consumed by and large and now must post these questions.

Good morning Monique,

  1. What do you think about the American “busy”  lifestyle?

There are many opportunities for children and adults! So we like to take advantage of the availability of educational classes and explore our interests. When we first arrived I studied French and photography through our local community education centers.  Now I am learning to speak Russian and Mexican and also study advanced photography.

Americans really love learning about other cultures. (There is an urge to travel and natural curiosity about other cultures.)

  1. Can you identify yourself with the American Way of life? 

Yes! I have always wanted to explore beyond the horizons 😉 In my native homeland that meant being familiar with all the local rivers and wildlife.  I lived in the province of Taranaki in New Zealand and our family has made a living out of hunting and fishing for generations; indigenous fish and game as well as introduced species like possum, rabbit and deer.

Being from a small country (New Zealand with a population of 4 million) arriving in America has given me the opportunity to connect with the world.

  1. Do you think some Americans show themselves busier then they are?  If you would say yes why do you think they are doing it?

No. I think that workplaces put a lot of demands on their employees. It’s the epitome of  a “Work Hard, Play Hard” culture! For men and women.

  1. What do you think what had contribute that American people are so busy (e.g technology?)

Technology definitely plays a part. We are especially cognizant of this; living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Silicon Valley has connected the world!
You can get away with a lot (And I do particularly with regards to Facebook)  but you can’t not be “ON” and available 24/7
You may as well be dead 😉
And Heaven forgive you should show your face at the annual PTA lunch if you’ve been a social shirker!

5. Being busy shows that a person has a lot to do. Of course it is better to be busy then the opposite. Do you think being busy could be a status symbol?

I’ve always believed in the mantra: “If you want something done; get a busy person to do it for you”! I have noticed that many American people are very capable in different roles. There is a tendency to muck in and “Just Do It”! American’s are a capable folk.

6. What do you think makes life busy?

A lot of Moms busy themselves with their children’s school life (and are busy with the PTA and education funds. so I think that volunteering in this capacity makes Moms extra busy on top of the usual demands of family life.
Many Dads are challenged by the need to commute an hour or more each day to get to their workplace and then fit in the demands of family life on top.

Of course this is all done with love and appreciation of the opportunities that the American lifestyle affords.


Thank you in advance :)!




Thank you 🙂



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