Truly Scrumptious, From Heidi Klum

Today I flew through Toys R Us and picked up some items from Heidi Klum’s children’s range: Truly Scrumptious:

Exclusive to Toys R US,; the clothing range for infants and childrenĀ  was launched last August:
Today’s Essential Housewife purchases:

Truly Scrumptious pants and jacket.

Truly Scrumptious pants and jacket. Size 24 Months


My 2 yr old daughter Kaylee is a Girly Girl. Here she is, playing with a ball of wool:




The Truly Scrumptious range passes our requirements for move-ability and fun.

Scrumptious Kaylee

Scrumptious Kaylee

Thank you Heidi Klum. Your range is Essential for Housewives with children.

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