New Zealand Politics: GilmoreGate

Aaron (“Do you know who I am”, Gilmore must be living with a permanent case of vertigo.
The lowly Cabin Boy of the National Party caucus has been ordered to walk the plank.
On one hand:, he must feel like he should walk: All the other pirates are waving their cutlasses at him and yelling at him to walk.
The sharks of the media and public opinion are circling in the water below the plank. There’s blood lust in the air. if Gilmore doesn’t feel a bit giddy and compelled to jump, I’d be very surprised.
 But the cutlasses being waved by the Prime Minister and the National Party president, Peter Goodfellow, are the Fantasia smoke and mirrors variety and are just for show.

Gilmore doesn’t have to go even if he’s “fired” by the PM. He’s safe in his job until the next election. He’ll only go when he’s sick to death of the media attention or uneasy with his own actions.
He’s got the upper hand at the moment if he just keeps his mouth shut and sticks to the letter of the Parliamentary Handbook.
It should be interesting. We know he doesn’t want to go. He is very proud of his occupation as exhibited by his initial big-noting about his job to some random. He’s not rushing to resign.

And nor should he, on the face of it.
He’s probably a pain in the arse by the sound of it. Former co-workers and tenants have said he is hard work and arrogant. A “friend”, got pissed off enough with him to start a media firestorm.
But one instance of being a pisshead loudmouth isn’t enough to endanger one’s employment. Sure, if he turns out to be an arse-covering alkie or has other pernicious skeletons in his closet, he should walk.
But at the moment his actions fall in the broad spectrum of unremarkable behaviour.

I’m surprised more public opprobrium isn’t being rained down upon Andrew Riches by right wing media. Loose lips sink ships and but for the highlighting of the incident by Riches, the loosed lipped dinner party companion, the incident might have gone under the radar. Riches has effectively endangered the slim majority that the National Party clings on to.

This doesn’t inspire faith in his lawyers ability to keep a cool head under pressure, let alone, client confidence.

I kind of hope he does stick it out. The very nature of this public stoush that sees the PM and the National Party president trying to staunch out this “Wet Behind the Ears MP is what make the public hate politicians. 1) he was never elected by the public as a list MP and 2) he is now being thrown out by the National Party rather than the public at large at election time.

It’s all about being re-elected, innit? And both women and Aaron Gilmore have been deemed persona non grata by the National party powers that be eg Peter Goodfellow.
Behind the scenes billionaires that the public are not familar with and have no real acquaintance with the extent of their power rule the roost. They and not the public decide who gets the seat of power in parliament. And they and not the public consistently decide that women are unelectable.

Aaron is only a few years younger than I am. He should be allowed to make a couple of mistakes. I’d give Gilmore the benefit of the doubt. If only to see him ruffle a few feathers of the Old School Illuminati.

 Aaron Gilmore.

Go you good thing, Don’t screw it up. Generation X are counting on you.

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