Baby 59

The inhumanity of the 22 yr old “mother”, who flushed her newborn baby down  a toilet:

From The telegraph:

I get so angry about stories like this.

“Reports in local media suggest the mother – who has been given the alias Xiao Fei – only realised she was carrying a baby three months into her pregnancy. She subsequently attempted to conceal her pregnancy by using loose-fitting clothes and confronted the baby’s father. He rejected her appeals for help, she told police.
With insufficient money for an abortion, the mother told police she had been forced to secretly deliver the baby inside a lavatory in at her home. The baby, she claims, accidentally slipped down the lavatory. Police are not convinced by that version of events.”

“Forced to secretly deliver”. What a pathetic excuse for a woman. I have no time for any female who make excuses for their behavior in  any given situation. Deal with it, don’t deal with it but women should bear the consequences of their action to the same degree as men.

If I had a dollar for the number of females who blame their actions on another person or their situation I’d be, well, a pretty rich person.
This type of woman will sit in the shit or do things they should be uncomfortable with, when the truth is they are too weak to  take the right action.

The worst of it is, then society has to frig around and change laws to accommodate this broad swathe of helpless females.

And this weakness turns us into murderers. Taking a baby to full term and then committing such an atrocious act is criminal.

Speaking to foreign media for the first time, Zheng Yuzheng, a firefighter from the Pujiang County Public Security Bureau in China’s Zhejiang province, told The Daily Telegraph of his “huge relief” at the 5lb baby’s miraculous survival.
He spoke as police claimed they fear the mother of the baby is so distraught that she may attempt to take her own life.

Two words: “who cares”.  Women are traditionally defenders of the disenfranchised and the persecuted. This souless creature was unable to stand up for herself and her rights as a woman and had no qualms about  killing her own child.She shouldn’t get a jot more of the media attention.

I would hope we don’t see follow-up stories about this “poor women” having no support. Her actions should not be excused. She may be pathetic,  but she is probably guilty of attempted murder.

As for culpability? Any defense that it was an accident is rubbish.  When she pressed the flush button she made a conscious decision to kill another person.

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