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The inhumanity of the 22 yr old “mother”, who flushed her newborn baby down  a toilet:

From The telegraph:

I get so angry about stories like this.

“Reports in local media suggest the mother – who has been given the alias Xiao Fei – only realised she was carrying a baby three months into her pregnancy. She subsequently attempted to conceal her pregnancy by using loose-fitting clothes and confronted the baby’s father. He rejected her appeals for help, she told police.
With insufficient money for an abortion, the mother told police she had been forced to secretly deliver the baby inside a lavatory in at her home. The baby, she claims, accidentally slipped down the lavatory. Police are not convinced by that version of events.”

“Forced to secretly deliver”. What a pathetic excuse for a woman. I have no time for any female who make excuses for their behavior in  any given situation. Deal with it, don’t deal with it but women should bear the consequences of their action to the same degree as men.

If I had a dollar for the number of females who blame their actions on another person or their situation I’d be, well, a pretty rich person.
This type of woman will sit in the shit or do things they should be uncomfortable with, when the truth is they are too weak to  take the right action.

The worst of it is, then society has to frig around and change laws to accommodate this broad swathe of helpless females.

And this weakness turns us into murderers. Taking a baby to full term and then committing such an atrocious act is criminal.

Speaking to foreign media for the first time, Zheng Yuzheng, a firefighter from the Pujiang County Public Security Bureau in China’s Zhejiang province, told The Daily Telegraph of his “huge relief” at the 5lb baby’s miraculous survival.
He spoke as police claimed they fear the mother of the baby is so distraught that she may attempt to take her own life.

Two words: “who cares”.  Women are traditionally defenders of the disenfranchised and the persecuted. This souless creature was unable to stand up for herself and her rights as a woman and had no qualms about  killing her own child.She shouldn’t get a jot more of the media attention.

I would hope we don’t see follow-up stories about this “poor women” having no support. Her actions should not be excused. She may be pathetic,  but she is probably guilty of attempted murder.

As for culpability? Any defense that it was an accident is rubbish.  When she pressed the flush button she made a conscious decision to kill another person.

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One of my last political posts. If I can stop myself 🙂  I’m eventually re-incarnating as a happier sweeter blogger. All this fascination with politics is ruining my housewifely piece of mind.
I find myself getting angry and frustrated with the state of my home nation. I’d love to think I wasn’t powerless enough to change the political winds that disturb me, by being another voice in the ether.

But it’s insanity on my behalf:
I live in a piece of paradise. I’m lucky enough to live in a clement friendly neighborhood. Why bang on about matters in an insular society on the other side of the world?

Because I care. But for (maybe) the last time:

Student Loan Disgrace:

“Buddy, you’re a boy
Make a big noise
Playing in the street
Gonna be a big man some day
You got mud on your face
You big disgrace
Kicking your can all over the place”

“We Will Rock you”: Queen

National’s budgets have always penalised those members of Generation X born in the 1970’s.  Student loan policy being a case in point.

National’s student loan policy isn’t a direct attack on those of my generation. In the 1990’s, Student Loans were being enacted in many countries around the world as a direct result of the “user pays” fiscal philosophy that was dominating political discussions worldwide.

The 1990 New Zealand National government went for the student loan scheme, booots and all. Consequently my generation has had to pay a huge price for being the guinea pigs of the student loan scheme.  It’s eroded our connection to our homeland. At least 10,000 student loan defaulters no longer remain connected to NZ in any meaningful way.

The majority of these will be from the classes of 1993 and 1994.

In 1992, legislation was passed by the National Government that meant that in every following year, you had to borrow to attend university.

Nationwide, we were sat in school auditoriums and told that we could go to university and we would borrow to do so. I didn’t even know what a debt was. As a fairly naive 17 year old, I’d only ever had an eftpos card at that stage.
Bright young thing that I was, I just smiled, nodded and thought, “just get me outta here’.

If you started studying in 1989 or 1990, you got a fees-free tertiary education. I find a certain amount of irony in the knowledge, that Bill English and Steven Joyce are only a decade older than me and my fellows. They got a free education then implemented the punitive scheme without any lead in period. They are now portraying my fellows as being the debt dodging scourge of society.

If like me, you were one of the first borrowers to draw down in 1993, you attracted a sizeable debt via voracious tertiary institutions. A debt that will still be hounding you, if, like me, you were unable to find permanent full time work in your area of expertise in the 90’s.

And if like me you are a women who stopped earning to re-train or to have kids, you’re even more likely to still be carrying the millstone of student debt.

And like me, as one of the class of 1993 or 1994, you found it hard to find employment in New Zealand in the economically bleak 1990’s, you may have decided to move overseas to more fertile pastures.

You may not have deliberately decided to dodge your debt. It may be that you’re employed but not so that you can pay off the loan in any meaningful fashion.

 You lose contact with the IRD. You breathe a sigh of relief.  And although you feel like a bit of a shit about it, you make the conscious decision to evade your loan so you can stop throwing money at an ever increasing mountain of debt.

You start to see an ever increasing amount of media reports about “debt dodgers”. You get angry:
From the NZ Herald:
“Minister of Tertiary Education Skills and Employment Steven Joyce said the crackdown was aimed at the worst offenders.
Those who fell behind on payments but were responsive to the IRD would not be cuffed at the border, which would be a last resort.

“This is for people who are deliberately not paying and don’t want to talk about it.”

Ahhhh. But you can get cuffed at the border. WHAT?

And this is any student loan borrower. For now it is only serious defaulters. But the government moves quickly and potentially could detain any borrower at the border.
I’m not a student loan defaulter.
But I’m horrified at how hostile and bellicose the New Zealand government is being to it’s own citizens. 
Good luck with the debt collection process, National. We’re a generation that is pretty good at not being found if we don’t want to be. We also know that you don’t actually want us to pay off our loans. If you did you’d make a deal worth taking up.
You just want us to dripfeed our minimum payments into a failed scheme to prop it up.
If you really want to find us, our lost generation will just be kicking our can all over the place:

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Aaron (“Do you know who I am”, Gilmore must be living with a permanent case of vertigo.
The lowly Cabin Boy of the National Party caucus has been ordered to walk the plank.
On one hand:, he must feel like he should walk: All the other pirates are waving their cutlasses at him and yelling at him to walk.
The sharks of the media and public opinion are circling in the water below the plank. There’s blood lust in the air. if Gilmore doesn’t feel a bit giddy and compelled to jump, I’d be very surprised.
 But the cutlasses being waved by the Prime Minister and the National Party president, Peter Goodfellow, are the Fantasia smoke and mirrors variety and are just for show.

Gilmore doesn’t have to go even if he’s “fired” by the PM. He’s safe in his job until the next election. He’ll only go when he’s sick to death of the media attention or uneasy with his own actions.
He’s got the upper hand at the moment if he just keeps his mouth shut and sticks to the letter of the Parliamentary Handbook.
It should be interesting. We know he doesn’t want to go. He is very proud of his occupation as exhibited by his initial big-noting about his job to some random. He’s not rushing to resign.

And nor should he, on the face of it.
He’s probably a pain in the arse by the sound of it. Former co-workers and tenants have said he is hard work and arrogant. A “friend”, got pissed off enough with him to start a media firestorm.
But one instance of being a pisshead loudmouth isn’t enough to endanger one’s employment. Sure, if he turns out to be an arse-covering alkie or has other pernicious skeletons in his closet, he should walk.
But at the moment his actions fall in the broad spectrum of unremarkable behaviour.

I’m surprised more public opprobrium isn’t being rained down upon Andrew Riches by right wing media. Loose lips sink ships and but for the highlighting of the incident by Riches, the loosed lipped dinner party companion, the incident might have gone under the radar. Riches has effectively endangered the slim majority that the National Party clings on to.

This doesn’t inspire faith in his lawyers ability to keep a cool head under pressure, let alone, client confidence.

I kind of hope he does stick it out. The very nature of this public stoush that sees the PM and the National Party president trying to staunch out this “Wet Behind the Ears MP is what make the public hate politicians. 1) he was never elected by the public as a list MP and 2) he is now being thrown out by the National Party rather than the public at large at election time.

It’s all about being re-elected, innit? And both women and Aaron Gilmore have been deemed persona non grata by the National party powers that be eg Peter Goodfellow.
Behind the scenes billionaires that the public are not familar with and have no real acquaintance with the extent of their power rule the roost. They and not the public decide who gets the seat of power in parliament. And they and not the public consistently decide that women are unelectable.

Aaron is only a few years younger than I am. He should be allowed to make a couple of mistakes. I’d give Gilmore the benefit of the doubt. If only to see him ruffle a few feathers of the Old School Illuminati.

 Aaron Gilmore.

Go you good thing, Don’t screw it up. Generation X are counting on you.

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