78 jobs in Northland Paula.

Welfare reforms have been passed into law.


Awesome news for god fearing, beneficiary bashing Right Wingers.
But the the very real effect of these changes will be to discriminate against woman and alienate voters.

From the press release:

“They will also ensure work expectations and social obligations are balanced with the right incentives and support.”


The investment approach will target interventions and support to those most at risk of long-term welfare dependence.
“By investing in people sooner, we can actually start to break that cycle of dependence.”

Meanwhile, a Northland Mom resorts to stealing fdood for her and her children:


“We know of one woman on the DPB who has had to resort to stealing to feed her children. It’s not stealing luxuries, it’s food for her and her children because the DPB doesn’t provide enough to do so after she’s paid her rent and other incidentals,” Mrs Peters said.
“She’s under a budgeter and after paying the bills [rent, power etc] she has about $100 a week for food, medical and school expenses and clothes, etc, that’s not a lot when you’ve got five kids. It’s not that she’s spending her benefit on cigarettes or alcohol or any luxuries. And she’s the second one we’ve seen in a week who’s had to steal to make ends meet.”

These Northland bludgers could always get a job. Unfortunately there are only 78 jobs in Northland for those looking to move off the dole:

Unfortunately political parties don’t ever learn from the failed mistakes of their past. And while Ryall, English et al are still in play, New Zealand gets to revisit the same old political ploys.
Bash beneficiaries and divert attention from the real show stopping truth:
 Sorry to shout but the truth about welfare is it doesn’t work with wholly stick and no carrot: The carrot of available jobs that is.

there are only 78 Jobs in Northland, Paula,
1383 in Auckland, Paula (city of 2 million people),
297 in Waikato, Paula,
256 in Bay of plenty, Paula,
16 in Gisborne, Paula,
129 in Hawkes Bay, Paula,
71 in Taranaki, Paula,
138 in wanganui, Manawatu, Paula,
548 in Wellington, Paula (our capital city), 
71 jobs in Nelson, Paula,
46 in Marlborough, Paula,
17 on the West Coast, Paula,
884 in Canterbury Paula, (Bingo. (Because of the earthquake) 
156 in Otago, Paula,
43 in southland, Paula.

Where are the jobs, Paula.

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