Why the Democrats hate democracy and don’t want kids to visit the White House

In a petulant move in response to recent Sequestration moves, the White House has suspended tours to the the White House, the U.S seat of democracy.


Visitors to D.C looking for a tour of the White House are out of luck. Starting this Sunday, the public tours are on hold indefinitely due to sequestration. The Secret Service says canceling the program saves $74,000 a weeek

A republican is reported to bolt to the rescue with a bill that seeks to cancel the President’s golf trips to allow for the reinstatment of White House Tours.

Have the Democrats forgotten who employs them? Mind you, this is common in over-zealous government departments.

In this case it’s the children the Democrats have failed, in order to prove a point over the reining in of the salaries of public servants.


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