The mad mad Greens and Who is Keith Locke?

The cocks at STUFF interview a non entity in New Zealand politics:

Who CARES what seditionist tree hugger Locke thinks?¬† He’s raving batshit over foreign affairs. Much like every other Green who has been elected to Paarliament to continue to imperil New Zealands chances on the trade scene.And Locke’s opinion is worth a lot less than a fish n chippy wrapper because he is not now in parliament. He got the boot because he was a hopeless MP.¬†

¬†Key won’t go to the Chavez funeral because no respect is due to dictators”

Chavez was a madman who presided over a failed hyperinflationary economy. That Locke has put pen to paper to deride Key shows the level of craziness of the Green policy engine.

The MSM criticizes  the implicit stance by National:
“Chavez’s socialist policies and support for Syria and Iran made him an long-term enemy of the US”.

¬†Yes – The despot Chavez didn’t believe in trade or freedom. Jusst like every other socialist leader including our very own Helen Clark:

“In Bogota today for talks with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, Key said Chavez was a popular leader who would be mourned by his people”.

A funny thing about cults is that by ruling by fear, they convince people that they can’t live without them. And when those leaders go and do a very human thing by dying, there is much lamenting and beating of brows. This is NOT normal.

¬† So carry on folks and don’t give air to Locke Clark. Here’s hoping another Chavez doesn’t rise in his ashes.

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