Simple Pleasures – Out for dinner; Bosphorus Walnut Creek

Out for dinner. 

To be completely honest, being a housewife is often a hard gig.
You can be plagued by fear, doubt, insecurity and the need to control.

And you don’t have the water cooler gossip of a workplace to drown out the white noise of the stream of consciousness.

To remain strong in the face of mental self tyranny, you take it back to basics. Preparation and  enjoyment of the next meal.

A real bonus is going out for dinner.

My husband and I drove into the dining mecca of Locust St, Walnut Creek last night and had Turkish at Bosphorus, Walnut Creek.

We had a cold platter including Dolma, (stuffed grape leaves), patlican salad (grilled eggplant), hummus, ezme(tomato cucumber walnut and onion), garbanzo salad, kizartma, fried bell pepper, eggplant, and zucchini) red lentil kofte and cacik(yogurt mint and cucumber)

Then we ordered the hot platter.  My favourite was the sigara borek, or turkish cigarette shaped pastry stuffed with feta.

We then ordered the Bosphorus combo kebab platter (yup, meat on skewers). This came with bulgar pilaf and salad.

¬†The wine list included “the Black Shiraz”, from Riverina South Australia and New Harbour Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand.

We finished up with traditional turkish coffee.

Very strong, very thick liquid over coffee grounds.

And ordered dessert which was to die for:

Kunefe: Two layers of kadayńĪf (shredded filo dough) with cheese layer in
between, baked to perfection and served with homemade syrup

This took a luxurious two hours to devour. We tried to just sit and pontificate in the traditional Turkish male tradition. We discussed accents with the Moroccan waitress who emigrated to the US two years ago; we moved here from New Zealand last year.
We agreed with her that the US is a great place for immigrants and that the kunefe was divine.

Duly sated by time out, we returned to home and hearth:

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