Show us your Dongle. XX developer calls out XY’s on dongle jokes on twitter

Have you heard about the shitstorm at local developers conference Pycon? A female developer/media consultant, was sitting in front of some male devs and took umbrage with the topic of conversation. From Techcrunch:
A dongle joke that spiraled way out of Control

Adria Richards was sitting in front of a row of male developers at the Python Conference.¬† She didn’t like the dongle jokes being made behind her and when a comment was made about “forking someones repo”, she had enough. She turned, took a photo and tweeted it to the conference organisers and the world.
The men and Adria were removed from the conference room. One of the men and Adria were both fired.

The  guy was fired for social misconduct. Richards for naming and shaming.

Here is a link to Adria’ blog: But You’re a Girl

Richards:¬† “Have you ever had a group of men sitting right behind you making joke that caused you to feel uncomfortable? Well, that just happened this week but instead of shrinking down in my seat, I did something about it an here‚Äôs my story‚Ķ

Those who sympathize with Adria think she’s a hero. The vast majority in the developer community do not.

Oh lawd. The poor girl. She’ll never make it in a male dominated community if she is such a princess about it all..

Guys talk shit. if they shit talk in front of a female they are paying the ultimate compliment. They don’t see you as a shit-talk destroying female. You’re an intellectual equal.
Adria would not have been sacrificing any principles if she had just ignored what was going on. Anyone can see from the photo she snapped that the guys are about as dangerous as stoned ewoks.

I’m actually not sure that they aren’t stoned ewoks.
As for the topic of conversation:

Inappropriate? You can’t change the law of the jungle. Everything reduces down to talk about bodily functions and sex when males are shit talking.

It’s just what you get when you’re driven by two meatballs and some cat5 cable to a brain.
And in large part humor is just, well, male. Ever since Charlie Chaplin, the good comedians have been guys who make dorks of themselves and commentary on the differences between guys and gals are more about that factor rather than some sexist amorphous attack on women.
Give the poor fullas a break.

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