The lengths schools go to.

This is crazy. Headmasters are knocking on doors to catch uppity out of zone school cheats. This just proves what I’ve suspected for years. Teachers by and large are great but schools can be bureaucratic self serving nightmares: 

Zone battles move into primary schools:

“School staff waste a whole lot of time trying to catch out families who have gone to great lengths to gain entry to the school.”

Why? Tell the ministry about it and get them on it. 

“Overworked headmasters are knocking on doors in their own time during evenings and early mornings to weed out the pretenders.”

Dickheads. About time someone called the cops on them for trespassing.

“They say it is the only way to catch people. Some school staff even pore over power bills to compare electricity usage with a typical family.”
These idiots need to act like they’ve got a real job.  

But the parents appear to be winning.
Absofuckinlutely. Our job is to raise our kids and educate them as well as we can. If the neighborhood school is a shitty school with drug issues then darn right we’ll employ our low rat parental cunning to get the kids a better education. We may just like the other school’s playground better. Whatever the reason, we’ll trump you.  Every time a coconut:

Ministry of Education figures obtained by the Herald on Sunday reveal Auckland schools have annulled 16 enrolments, unchallenged, in the past year. In another 24 cases, parents have challenged the rejection.

In three other cases, the schools backed down and accepted the child.
Only one primary school – decile 8 St Heliers – won an enrolment challenge by proving the pupil did not live in the catchment area.
Principal Craig McCarthny said the child was looked after during the day by an in-zone relative “but the parents lived in the next suburb and the kid went back there after school”.

Clever buggers! The principal should be thrilled to have that gene pool at his school. 

“Decile 9 Glendowie School lost after rejecting an application for a 4-year-old boy even though the family had previously enrolled another child questionably.
“The enrolment came in very late and we were suspicious because we knew the family house was out of zone,” principal Anne-Marie Biggs said. By the time the ministry became involved the family had rented in the zone.”


Meanwhile Mike Williams bleats about thick parents:

So how is he better qualified to decide which is the better school for my kids to go to? When unions play parents for political mugs while kissing up to them on other issues, it’s important to remember:
Like any political body they exist primarily to serve themselves. Sometimes the interests of parents and unions dovetail. Sometimes they don’t.
If you agree with them they like you.
If you disagree with them, you’re a rich prick.

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