Psychologists mistakenly think they’re the boss.

Oh God give me strength. Another brown-nosing article by schools intent on undermining the role of parents:

Is it time to cut the cord

“The so-called ”helicopter” parent is becoming ubiquitous, with new research showing more than 90 per cent of school psychologists and counsellors are encountering over-involved parents.

Some schools are staging parenting workshops to counter this behaviour as psychologists believe it can damage a child’s resilience.”

I have no doubt that the so-called experts believe this. . Californian schools love holding workshops to usurp the role of parents. ¬† I find myself working overtime to remind my children’s school of their role in my children’s life. The schools are babysitters and their home environment is where they get a lot of their actual education.

BTW. I have full respect or all the teachers that I know and love but the bureaucratic overlay gets short shrift in our home environment.

A Queensland University of Technology survey of nearly 130 parenting professionals from across Australia revealed numerous examples of overparenting:
 1. A 16-year-old whose mother makes him a special plate of food to take to parties because he is a picky eater;

  • WTF? If anybody looked at me sideways when I was sixteen I got the shits. I could digest meat, eggs and vodka. Anything else ran through me like Pistorius on acid. Good on the Mum for supplying nutrition for the beleaguered large bowel.¬†

2. 10-year-olds attending school camp who don’t know how to dress themselves.

  • My nine year old doesn’t know¬† how to dress himself. If his pre-frontal lobe matures by the age of ten to engender such basic social tasks, then I’m having a party.¬†

3. An eight-year-old whose mother confronts her classmate over a playground disagreement.

  • You gotta nip that shit right in the bud. If bailing up the classmate goes down like a sack of shit in the PTA, then teach your offspring the following adage:
  • “Sticks and stones will break my bones.¬†
  • If you come any closer, I’ll break your face”.¬†
  • ¬†

  • So sayeth Momma Bear.
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