Oscars. Worst dressed

My Best and Worst Dressed for the Oscars:

Naomi Watts: Armani

The overall effect is to make her look like a confused mermaid. And what is with her hair? She needed half an hour longer with the hairdryer and some rollers to give her a less gelled down effect that looks aging on anyone but teenage boys.
I kind of want to rub her up and down to see if I can get the static electricity effect or at the very least give a good shake to see if anything dislodges.

Thumbs Down but she is still cute enough to carry anything off.

Amy Adams Oscar De La Renta

So the very respectable designer robbed birds nests for feathers for this one. This was one theme that came out on the red carpet that I don’t think is very flattering.

Thumbs down but Ms Adams is still a very purty gal and carries herself well.

Samantha Barks Boobies: Valentino

I got such a fright that I facebooked this dress to see if anyone else was thinking the same as me:

I’d love it for Masquerade party evening wear. But the “Devil’s Cushions”, effect is out of place on the red carpet.

I’d have worn a choker with this dress.

many of the younger stars sacrificed glamor to accentuate the assets.  It took leading ladies of the previous generation to show how to present with style. Next up: Oscars 2013. Best dressed.


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