Thinking of Sir Paul Holmes

A heartbreaking photo accompanies this article:

Millie takes time off to be with ailing dad

The photo was obviously taken at a time of poor health for Sir Paul. This time last year, you wouldn’t have thought that only a year later he’d be ailing; I perhaps wouldn’t have written this irreverent post¬† had he been ill this time last year. A post of appreciation, I might add:

And that is life. We never know what is around the corner. And whatever has been around the corner for Sir Paul, he has faced it like a gentleman. The power of this message cannot be underestimated. Over the last thirty years there has been massive social change. The temptation to just give in and settle for less is a constant pull when facing hardship. It is a perfectly normal and human trait.
We need to recognize the heroes that face down hardship unflinchingly to give us the strength to get though the trials in our own lives. Just as Sir Paul has been recognized with his investiture.
 Sir Paul Holmes was recently appointed a Knight of the New Zealand Order of Merit at a special
 investiture ceremony to accommodate his poor health.
And there was a time that Sir Paul was the only gentleman in my life. Always there at 7pm to bring the scaffolding to my tumultuous teenage years. Someone who according to a recent interview only wants to be remembered as ‘a decent bloke’.
Well, God Bless you Sir Paul Holmes. Thanks for your contribution to the morals that shaped my generation. I will be thinking of you this Waitangi day. The epitome of a gentleman and a right top bloke.

Star of the New Zealand Order of Merit

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