Shearer wages war on primary industry.

When the leader of the opposition wages war on the industry that bought New Zealand unfettered wealth in the 1950’s and has since gone on to produce a world leader in it’s field, (Fonterra), questions must be asked about the motives behind such an attack.

Shearer’s anti New Zealand speech can be found here:

 I take issue with the following piece in particular:

“I’ve spoken of a clean, green, clever economy many times.
We need our environment to drive our economic success and our economy to keep our environment clean.”

That is a rubbish statement first off. China has not needed their environmental record to drive their economic success. 

“The reality is we will not create more better paying jobs by simply exporting more milk powder.”

WTF? New Zealand rose to first world status by exporting more milk powder and other successful primary industry (agricultural) products

“We’ve been talking about it since Mike Moore invented lamb burgers.”

Yes you daft UN flunkey. Mike Moore is one of the key figures to promote a free trade approach right from the get-go to increase NZ prosperity and educational outcomes.  After witnessing him speak often and knowing what a high regard he is held in in diplomatic circles, I am of the opinion you are light years behind when it comes to trade and foreign affairs.

“Our future prosperity will be carved out by backing the talent of businesses working in high tech, or the innovations of those adding value to our natural resources.
It will be built by those that see the promise and opportunity of a clean, green future.”

Bull. Wages are far too high in NZ compared to the rest of the world for there to be any meaningful labour backed tech workforce. 
There is a future in headquartering successful agricultural business like Fonterra and pitching New Zealand as a luxury product in both the US and Asia pacific markets.The key driver behind individual wealth is agriculture:

Check out the following table.

New Zealanders must ask themselves what lies behind attacks on the country’s primary industry. Without farming, New Zealand would be nothing so Shearer’s speech has an anti-patriotic flavour to say the least.

PS. The above won’t go down well with many of my left wing mates. However I’ve learned over the years that words mean nothing. You can sugar coat the most evil of agenda’s. The Labour party seems to be regarded as the most “caaring”, because they talk about inequality and opportunity.
 But these are merely the words of recruiters. Word mean nothing but actions and outcomes mean everything.

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