Massacres of Hazara in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Ethnic minorities around the world are being subjected to constant attacks. I follow a blog where the beleaguered Shiite Hazara are subject daily to persecution in Afghnistan and Pakistan:

by Muhammad Younas
It was around 9pm in Pakistan, almost a freezing night on Thursday 10th of January 2013 and I was talking to my cousin on Skype. While talking, he told me that he heard of an explosion and asked to ring me back after a while. After nearly an hour, when he didn’t ring me back, I rang to my in-laws on Viber in Pakistan to get some information about the blast. On my enquiry, my sister-in-law told me that twin-blast took place on Alamdar Road, Quetta and loads of Hazaras are believed to have been killed. The shocking news took the grip of the ground under my feet and I felt a chilled shiver in my spine.
¬†After a while, I tried my best to recollect myself, went downstairs, straight to the kitchen, where my wife was busy in cooking something. I told her the shocking news; she got upset and rang to her father in Pakistan. While talking to her father she got shocked when her father told her that he had seen the dead body of Irfan Ali, 19 years old my cousin who I was talking few hours before. On hearing the news, I immediately rang to another cousin, who confirmed the news and told me that Irfan rushed to the blast scene to help the victims but he himself fell victim. I was shattered and the tears were rolling down of my cheeks for being so helpless to help my family members and community who are facing the worst kind of terror in so-called civilized world”

A world that is too preoccupied with it’s own insular infighting and where the “Good for Fuck All” United Nations is more a mouthpiece for socialism as opposed to an agency for change.

The Hazara people have been persecuted by fundamentalists from the Sunni Muslim majority  with an escalation in  attacks on the Hazara over the last five years. Previously safe regions secured such as Bamiyan province in Afghanistan and the city of Quetta in Pakistan are powerless against the esculation in violence against the Hazara. 

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