I fired a babysitter by text and didn’t have to pay compo.

This is another shitty inroad by the politburo into the rights of parents :

Fired NZ nanny to be paid compo:

A mum of five hires a home help. The home help isn’t awesome and is unable to assuage the mom’s fears about her swearing and speeding with the kids in the car. The Mum fires the home help who then takes the mum to the Sucking up to the Employees Relations Authority. The ERA fines the mum $6,000

Not so long ago, you were allowed to decide who was around your kids and people would have laughed at the thought that a bunch of public servants could have decided otherwise.
I actually still believe wholeheartedly in this. I’d move countries to avoid a bunch of tits telling me how to engage with caregivers.
 I have had a long line of awesome nannies and sitters in New Zealand and now in America. Awesome girls and universally young and full of energy. I handed my newborns over to them and was grateful for their help. In a lot of cases they became members of family. They are facebook friends and I hope to catch up with them in the future.

But there has been two or three occasions where I’d get someone and couldn’t be bothered with their arseholery so I’d fire them. One girl five years ago was a drunk. Another stupid tart left a four year old unattended by a river. The most recent was lazy. They all got the DCM (Don’t Come Monday) I fired the first and last of them by text. The other left my house screaming at me. Good riddance to bad rubbish. If anyone endangers my kids they get nothing from me. I don’t owe them an explanation or a settlement.

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