Fire in LA Hotel. Cat saved

This is so Californian:

“Firefighters also gave oxygen to a cat and looked for a missing Chihuahua.”

Dogs roam freely in department stores and  restaurants and cays are accorded first aid treatment in emergencies. So take that Gareth Morgan with your moggy hating ways:

Cats. Possibly the next big thing in the field of evolution. In the classc BBC series, Red Dwarf, Lister’s cat gave rise to a species that evolved and expanded into a humanoid form who would have eaten inter-species hating pussies like Morgan for breakfast.

Seriously. There are too many over zealous agencies in New Zealand like D.O.C who are obsessed with winding back the clock to before the introduction of exotic species.
 And we don’t  need Morgan spearheading a similar message that only appeals to nut jobs.

If we get rid of all the deer, thar and trout then all we are with with is a boring landscape and yet another reason for young people to piss off overseas for a bit of excitement.
New Zealand. 100% drenched in poisons.

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