Edwards on Shearer.

Brian Edwards is not a fan of Shearer:


But we knew that.

From BE’s An open letter to David Shearer:


“It will come as no surprise to you that it was my view when you were first elected that, though you were a considerable asset to the Labour Party, you were the wrong person to be its leader. That is still my view and I have expressed it in numerous posts on this site.”

Background: Edwards was a long time confidant  of Clark.Pretenders to the throne will naturally face a good drubbling if they lack in the oratory skills and charisma that Clark possessed in abundance:

¬†Edwards is very experienced in the political beltway. But he hasn’t got the ear of the current leader or even the ear of the former leader regarding the veracity of Shearer’s leadership.Clark is no doubt fond of Edwards, but just as blood is thicker than water, politics is thicker than blood.
And Clark has Shearer’s back. As I accurately predicted in November 2012, Shearer is still ensconced firmly on the throne, in no small part due to Clark’s influence:


Now: What really is wrong with Shearer?
It would be easy to overlook if Shearer weren’t¬† leader of the opposition.It’s obvious to anyone in management. Shearer just hasn’t found his voice.
He hasn’t spoken to an audience for 10,000 hours.
It takes at least 10,000 hours to master any field of knowledge, including parenthood. Public speaking is no different.
It’s hard for anybody to find their voice. Humans are naturally adverse to standing in front of a crowd and only gifted speakers are comfortable with oral delivery without practice.¬†
Like a forth former standing before his class for the first time, Shearer finds it hard to express¬† the true clear articulation of his own ideals. This doesn’t mean he isn’t authentic but does handicap his efforts and open him to criticism.

The muppets and backfill that frequent The Standard and other blogs have seen this as weakness and have attacked prematurely.

Certain agents of doom are acting to hobble the Labour movement based on Shearer’s lack of experience.
Key is gunning for four terms as PM. Only Sharer and Cunliffe or a combination thereof can stop him. Personally I’m wondering if Cunliffe has the wherewithal to win a leadership bid and install Shearer in foreign affairs.

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