Crazy Mother of young Cancer Sufferer. Sally Roberts

The selfishness of this woman is astounding:

WTF is this woman thinking? She would prefer to dice with death than ensure her son has the best chance of survival:

“The Kiwi mother fighting against cancer treatment for her seven-year-old boy has announced an 11th-hour appeal against court-ordered radiotherapy.
Sally Roberts, 37, and formerly of Auckland, has made headlines across the world after her prolonged and increasingly ugly battle to stop her son receiving conventional treatment for a malignant brain tumour.
Doctors say that without radiotherapy Neon Roberts could be dead within weeks, but his mother disagrees.”

FFS. Roberts needs a reality check:

“She spoke of doctors in Germany and China who were using “hyperthermia” heat treatment to mitigate the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and said doctors in Britain were at odds with other countries.
Despite this, Roberts has been unable to find an expert to back her case in court.”

Funny that. If you’re loop De loop, you’ll generally find yourself shit out of luck with the professional fraternity.

“Neon spent Christmas with his father Ben Roberts, who is estranged from wife Sally.
She was reportedly shunned from their family Christmas, and doctors have spent the past week preparing Neon for radiotherapy.”

I’m not feling sorry for her because of this:

“Roberts told presenters she feared the side effects would outweigh the benefits, and a fear of missing out on grandchildren was a big motive.”

¬†Oh. My. God! How does that have any bearing on her child’s life? She holds a narcissistic view of life. I wonder if he has the maturity required of a parent.

When you have children, their welfare becomes more important than yours. The day I had my oldest, I thought: “Well, fuck. It’s no longer all about me then”.¬† By number two I’d given up my hip-hop dance classes and planning a trip to Thailand.

And parents aren’t necessarily a special breed. It’s just the same as if you take on a role as a caregiver to the elderly or disabled, or are Mom to pets or bloody plants. It’s an aspect of being a good friend.¬† It is the nature of caring for someone or something. Their welfare becomes more important than yours. This ability to sacrifice ones own interests is also a mark of the transition to adulthood. By the time I’d got to my 20’s I’d stopped neglecting my pot plants and pissing off my friends.

¬†Well, okay, when I got to my 30’s, then.

These days, I’m the first to kick up a fuss if I don’t agree with a doctor but I’d hand the welfare of my kids over to the medical profession in a flash.

And just thinking back to Moms who have lost children:

One woman commented to me that she didn’t care if the child’s outcome was such that she had to care for a disabled child. She just desperately wanted that child to be okay. That’s an example of mothering instinct, an ingredient that Little Miss, “Preserve My Ability to Have Grandchildren”, is lacking.

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