Child abuse/ Any excuse

What a pair of wankers Eunice and Stephen Towns are. From Stuff:

“A Whakatane boy suffered life-threatening hypothermia after being subjected to cold-water showers by his Child Youth and Family caregivers.
Soon after the 2-year-old came into their care last year, Stephen and Eunice Towns began smacking him and giving him cold showers as a form of corrective discipline, a court has been told”.

This is heartbreaking and monstrous. You’d never ever give a two year old a cold shower. Two year old children are babies.¬†

” On one occasion – after he refused to eat his breakfast – the boy was forced to spend more than 10 minutes under the cold water causing his body temperature to drop to dangerous levels.
He was unconscious when taken to Whakatane Hospital on May 11 and had a core body temperature of 31.6 degrees Celsius, placing him at risk of fatal cardiac dysrhythmia.”


However I think the reporter at Whakatane Beacon who filed this story is possibly  a bigger wanker than the Towns:

“The Towns were approved Child Youth and Family caregivers who had previously cared successfully for various children over the years.
However, last year was a difficult one for the family, with stressful events affecting Eunice Towns’ ability to react calmly to situations.”

Heads up Reporter Numpty. There is no excuse for child abuse. This background was irrelevant to the story. 

And this:

Within three weeks the couple were feeling the stress of caring for the children alongside their usual family and work responsibilities, and began using excessive force when grabbing the pre-schooler, bruising various parts of his body.”

Note to Fuckwit abusers and Reporter Numpty: All parents feel stess. Some more than others. Stress does not equal child abuse.

“On May 11, when he refused first to eat his breakfast, then play with any toys, Eunice Towns became very upset and took him to the shower where she made him sit under the fully cold water for five minutes before increasing the level above cold to wash him.
Another woman took over the showering and noticed the temperature but made no attempt to increase it.”
Presumably this was the 19 yr old silly bitch who has also been charged.

“Eunice Towns expressed extreme remorse but could not provide a reasonable explanation for what she had done.”

The explanation is that Towns is an inhumane and unfit to parent. End of story.
It’s a pity I had to draw the lines between the dots for Reporter Numpty. We can only hope he/she covers animal stories from now on.

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