#Lastprintissue Newsweek issues last print edition. Fairfax writes down it’s mastheads

Times they are a changing. In the same way that encyclopedias are no longer sold door to door, print newspapes are becoming yesterdays news.

New York City’s Newsweek put out its last print edition today. The first January edition will only be available by phone, kindle or ipad:

Newsweek was the second largest weekly publication behind Time magazine.

it will now be produced electronically and has been renamed Newsweek Global.

 In the Southern hemisphere, Fairfax media has written down the value of its assets by 80%.

Fairfax New Zealand Holdings valued it’s newspaper titles (including the Sunday Star Times, DOmionion Post and Chistchurch Press) at 175.2 million as at at 30th June 2012, down from $950.1 million from the year before.

Perhaps newspaper subscriptions are a thing of the past.  And we look to be ushering in a new era of Cult of Personality. We are now in an age where the public shuns the factual serving up of information and prefers the dissection of scandal and sensationalism.
It may be that columnists and bloggers dominate the quest for high ratings and in turn, dictate the high revenues.

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