Gutless Crown Law office refuses to appeal home detention sentence given to baby abuser:by hopeless judge:

The Crown Law Office is impotent and cannot appeal against light sentences given by idiot judges  to pedophiles and baby bashers:

December 3rd 2012: From the Crown Law Office in response to my enquiry:
“Further to my recent email of acknowledgement in relation to your request that Crown Law appeal the sentence of Jack Alexander Booker we advise as follows.

On 19 November 2012 the office of the Auckland Crown Solicitor referred the case to the Crown Law Office for consideration of an appeal against the sentence of home detention.  After a very careful review of the case, it has been decided not to consent to an appeal.

A refresher of the case in question:

 “He subjected his newborn baby to months of torture, biting through her earlobe, twisting her toe until it snapped, fracturing her ribs and femur and gouging the soles of her feet with his fingernail. But he will not spend any time in prison.
Despite inflicting “significant and repetitive violence” on the baby girl, leaving her little body covered in marks and bruises, Jack Alexander Booker was sentenced to 12 months’ home detention.

IE: He got off because he cried:

“The 22-year-old cried as he was sentenced in the North Shore District Court yesterday. He was facing up to five years’ jail on three charges of physically abusing his daughter, who was just a month old when it began.”

We don’t need judges who interpret the letter of the law, we need judges with balls who stand up for the abused and the innocent. Shame on Judge Nevin Dawson(who doesn’t deserve the appellation Judge) and  the cronies at the Crown law office who lack a testicle among them.

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