Fido bites it, so we can Party.

From yesteroday’s furor over party-pill animal testing – you’d think MP Peter Dunne was endorsing testing of drugs on dogs.. The journalists have spun the story, as Peter Dunne ‘backing down’, onĀ  exploitative party pill testing on animals.

The same people who can’t see why pot shouldn’t be legalised andĀ  who complain about party pills being restricted are now bitching about the party pills being tested on animals.

Ā From The Herald:

To date, partypill manufacturers have exploited a loophole which allowed the importation of theses substances into New Zealand with the onus being on the NZ government to prove they are unsafe.
From what I understand, legislation is being drawn up to remove party-pills from this schedule and the implication of this is that manufacturers must prove that party pills are safe before supplying them to market. Therefore, it is the party pill pushers who cause the pill testing on Fido and his many relatives.
Has the LD50 test ever been proposed for marijuana I now wonder.

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