Zip it Sweetie

A most outrageous comment was made in the NZ Parliament today by National MP Paula Bennett to Labour MP Jacinda Ardern.
From NZ Herald: Uproar in house over Zip It Sweetie comment: by Claire Trevett
Zip it Sweetie

“Ms Bennett used the term during a raucous exchange in Parliament about National’s Limited Services Volunteer bootcamps.
Ms Ardern had asked Ms Bennett about the drop-out rate – and then interjected by repeatedly shouting “50 per cent” during Ms Bennett’s reply.”

The live TV feed gives the impression that Bennett got the upper hand and Ardern got the smack-down:
While being badgered by Ardern, Bennett calmly spoke as you might to a fractious child. To Ardern:
¬†“Well if you want to listen to the answers (zipping mouth motion with hand), then zip it sweetie, I’m getting there”.

Pure comedy gold followed. Labour MP Trevor Mallard was outraged on Ardern’s behalf and called a Point of Order:
“It was exceptionally offensive”, he insisted with his brow furrowed and animated over issues more dire than his dinner plans.
 Speaker of the House, Lockwood Smith was unmoved. He is of course privy to some of the more abusive phrases that the Honourable Members regularly hurl; like a clan of primates with a turd fetish.

Smith said he didn’t hear the original sledge and the unctous Bennett was more than ready to jog the his memory. She takes the Speaker’s prompt to jump up and repeat the sledge then retreats with a satisfied grin.
Smith clarified to ask if the offending remark was “Zip It”, at which point Mallard impodes and repeats the entire offensive phrase. Ardern is left in no doubt that:
“Little girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice”.
And fellow sweetie, Green MP Holly Walker and others, are now taking offense on Ardern’s behalf.

Overall winner of the sledging match: Lockwood Smith. A veritable scion of politics without a hint of obsequiousness.

¬†Bennett nailed it. Ardern is a sweetie in a young Goth, Helen Clark, Mini-Me kind of way. She can’t help being a sweetie. Even when trying to belligerently shout down the opposition you can’t help but forgive the lass for the truism that “God loves a tryer”.
But don’t be tempted to feel sorry for Ms Ardern. The only thing that is soft about her is her pearly whites. She wouldn’t be in the fray if she didn’t have some kind of sado masochistic tendencies that are a prerequisite to pursue a career as a politician.

“It is not the first time other Labour MPs have come to the defence of Ms Ardern for sledging – National MP Maggie Barry called out “how many children do you have?” to Ms Ardern – who has no children – during a debate about paid parental leave”.

Now there’s a point. At 32 I had two kids. Now I have five. No -one will ever call me ‘Sweetie’ again. Even when line-dancing whilst wearing slippers, I’m a cold, hard harridan with a bad mouth.
Paula Bennett’s no sweetie also and she might do well to remember that what causes hilarity in the House doesn’t always translate to a win in the print media.

 An MP at the age of 32: Swweet.

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