Deluded Metiria Turei

Personally I can’t understand Ms Turei’s position on this, She, as a solo Mum who has been through the worst of parenting is criticising Rodney Hide for outing stats that Mums are the biggest killers in society:

What Ms Turei seems to be saying is that if you are pooor or misunderstoood, you get a free pass on child abuse.

Whereas, Hide has said quite accurately and inarguably that mums are murderers.

I respect the Greens on some of their community oriented policy but the Green females have to do more to earn respect with regards to child welfare:
If you think I am too harsh, Google Delcelia Wikita:
Nothing could have saved her from her mongrel of a mother:
From the crime scene:
Coloured photographs of the crime scene showed that Delcelia’s body was used as a punching bag from one end of the house to the other. Her blood was splattered on walls and carpets. There was a large pool of blood on the sheet less, blanket less mattress she slept on. Vomit had dripped down the skirting board where the little child was sick during her final night alive. Burns aside, some close-up photos of Delcelia’s neck showed vicious injuries caused by long fingernails. Photos of the inside of her mouth showed where teeth have been smashed out and the inside of her top lip ripped from the gum. Other photos showed scarring to her head where her hair has been violently pulled over several months.
Mother Tania Wikita was sentenced to 16 years.

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