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A most outrageous comment was made in the NZ Parliament today by National MP Paula Bennett to Labour MP Jacinda Ardern.
From NZ Herald: Uproar in house over Zip It Sweetie comment: by Claire Trevett
Zip it Sweetie

“Ms Bennett used the term during a raucous exchange in Parliament about National’s Limited Services Volunteer bootcamps.
Ms Ardern had asked Ms Bennett about the drop-out rate – and then interjected by repeatedly shouting “50 per cent” during Ms Bennett’s reply.”

The live TV feed gives the impression that Bennett got the upper hand and Ardern got the smack-down:
While being badgered by Ardern, Bennett calmly spoke as you might to a fractious child. To Ardern:
¬†“Well if you want to listen to the answers (zipping mouth motion with hand), then zip it sweetie, I’m getting there”.

Pure comedy gold followed. Labour MP Trevor Mallard was outraged on Ardern’s behalf and called a Point of Order:
“It was exceptionally offensive”, he insisted with his brow furrowed and animated over issues more dire than his dinner plans.
 Speaker of the House, Lockwood Smith was unmoved. He is of course privy to some of the more abusive phrases that the Honourable Members regularly hurl; like a clan of primates with a turd fetish.

Smith said he didn’t hear the original sledge and the unctous Bennett was more than ready to jog the his memory. She takes the Speaker’s prompt to jump up and repeat the sledge then retreats with a satisfied grin.
Smith clarified to ask if the offending remark was “Zip It”, at which point Mallard impodes and repeats the entire offensive phrase. Ardern is left in no doubt that:
“Little girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice”.
And fellow sweetie, Green MP Holly Walker and others, are now taking offense on Ardern’s behalf.

Overall winner of the sledging match: Lockwood Smith. A veritable scion of politics without a hint of obsequiousness.

¬†Bennett nailed it. Ardern is a sweetie in a young Goth, Helen Clark, Mini-Me kind of way. She can’t help being a sweetie. Even when trying to belligerently shout down the opposition you can’t help but forgive the lass for the truism that “God loves a tryer”.
But don’t be tempted to feel sorry for Ms Ardern. The only thing that is soft about her is her pearly whites. She wouldn’t be in the fray if she didn’t have some kind of sado masochistic tendencies that are a prerequisite to pursue a career as a politician.

“It is not the first time other Labour MPs have come to the defence of Ms Ardern for sledging – National MP Maggie Barry called out “how many children do you have?” to Ms Ardern – who has no children – during a debate about paid parental leave”.

Now there’s a point. At 32 I had two kids. Now I have five. No -one will ever call me ‘Sweetie’ again. Even when line-dancing whilst wearing slippers, I’m a cold, hard harridan with a bad mouth.
Paula Bennett’s no sweetie also and she might do well to remember that what causes hilarity in the House doesn’t always translate to a win in the print media.

 An MP at the age of 32: Swweet.

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¬†“Like being a little sick in my mouth”, is how I sometimes feel after reading reports released by the Office of Jan Wright, the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, (PCE).
The language; so flowery. It does not inspire confidence in the impartiality of the Office of the Good Commissioner. I am not questioning the dear lady’s impartiality, the level of impartiality is more than evident thoughout the reports. But I do question the use of emotive language.
Language is such a powerful tool. One might also say it is dangerous in the hands of tools.

I first read a report by the PCE last year The office released a report on 1080 and how good it was at controlling the possum populations. The commissioner set the scene with flowery language and finished by noting “surprise”, at the (low) level of use of 1080.
Me? I am “surprised” at how good a plate of leftover turkey and baked beans tastes at 3am.
However, I don’t think “surprise” is relevant in reports prepared by governement agencies; read mostly by MP’s.¬†
MP’s are easily led. The clues to the desired course of action should be a little harder to unravel to make MP’s earn their pay.

 And for many, sitting in tons of metal hovering in the sky, just feels wrong, too.
Hubris. We wouldn’t be human without it. We wouldn’t be availing ourselves of the Air NZ SkyCouch configuration (a bed in the sky), without a measure of hubris on the part of the Wright Brothers.

It’s a pity the language in the report lets it down. Read further on and there are surprise findings.
These are summarised by Green MP Gareth Hughes, one of the most vocal opponents of fracking.:

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot!
Before 2011 resource consent was not required in fracking. The Taranaki Regional Council had no idea what the oil companies were pumping into the ground around my hometown of Stratford.
This does not inspire confidence. But then the Taranaki Council officials are not known for their concern for the health and welfare of the residents.
New Plymouth  Dioxin polluter Ivon Watkins Dow has never shaken concerns about the health of residents who lived in the area until 1987 when production of 245T ceased. Allegations of high rates of Motor Neurone disease, birth defects in the period until 1987 and cancer are still rife within the surrounding communities.
Taranaki officials could have made a case for tracking the health outcomes for the 500 or so families who lived in the streets around the plant that made the herbicide and Agent Orange component. They haven’t.
A mere building consent costs home builders a small fortune and shaves years of ones’ life with the stress,
it is remiss for business consents for industrial processes not to have been issued by this feckless Regional Council.

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Personally I can’t understand Ms Turei’s position on this, She, as a solo Mum who has been through the worst of parenting is criticising Rodney Hide for outing stats that Mums are the biggest killers in society:

What Ms Turei seems to be saying is that if you are pooor or misunderstoood, you get a free pass on child abuse.

Whereas, Hide has said quite accurately and inarguably that mums are murderers.

I respect the Greens on some of their community oriented policy but the Green females have to do more to earn respect with regards to child welfare:
If you think I am too harsh, Google Delcelia Wikita:
Nothing could have saved her from her mongrel of a mother:
From the crime scene:
Coloured photographs of the crime scene showed that Delcelia’s body was used as a punching bag from one end of the house to the other. Her blood was splattered on walls and carpets. There was a large pool of blood on the sheet less, blanket less mattress she slept on. Vomit had dripped down the skirting board where the little child was sick during her final night alive. Burns aside, some close-up photos of Delcelia’s neck showed vicious injuries caused by long fingernails. Photos of the inside of her mouth showed where teeth have been smashed out and the inside of her top lip ripped from the gum. Other photos showed scarring to her head where her hair has been violently pulled over several months.
Mother Tania Wikita was sentenced to 16 years.

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This really annoys me. This Major Campbell Roberts presumably is a preacher not a politician. I’m not knocking anyone’s belief here. Whatever rocks your boat. But the Major should stay out of “poverty politics”:

Herald editor Simon Collins is too far gone for their to be any hope for him to be neutral so it’s no surprise he ran this non-story. It is effectively the reporting of a Major Random’s opinion with no statistical substance.
I’d have asked for cold hard facts – foodbank activity. Increases in visits to Sallies counselors.¬† But Collin’s just quoted a religious figure.

Saying that the ‘middle class”, have to pay more taxes to save society is just ill-directed sentiment. High taxes cause bankruptcy if they are arbitrarily applied for some wishy washy feel-good reason. Increased productivity should engender higher wages and it should be up to a firm to decide when this occurs. And those nasty business people aren’t going to give away money.
But they will pay to keep good staff instead of letting another business steal them away. This is when wages rise for good reason.

When the minimum wage rises without good cause, the cost of producing anything rises. Then housewives pay more at the supermarket and have to take on a second job ’cause hubby can’t earn enough on his own. Then you get the stories of how the minimum wage needs to rise and how the rich people are awwwful and how New Zealand is full of these baad rich people.
That’s when men start thumping their wives and drinking more. We tend to get bad tempered when told it’s someone’s else’s fault that we can’t get ahead:

He said New Zealand was now one of the most unequal developed countries, with a disturbing ethnic divide. Pacific children were 50 times as likely as Europeans, and Maori children 23 times as likely, to get rheumatic fever because of cold, damp and overcrowded houses.
¬†So? Nobody forces people to live together.¬† The rheumatic fever bullshit is more than likely because New Zealand has a shitty weather system. You don’t get rheumatic fever in California.

A quarter of all male Maori spent time in the Corrections system.
So? If you don’t do bad shit you don’t go to jail.¬†

He said a big rise in the minimum wage between 2000 and 2008 did not cause higher unemployment, and raising the minimum further would be an effective way to lift the incomes of large numbers of workers.

He said New Zealand should also abolish tax on the first $5000 or $10,000 of income, following Australia which tripled the tax-free threshold in this year’s Budget from A$6000 ($7640) to A$18,200 ($23,200)
Give the message that you don’t even have¬† to pay for any of your own costs if you’re a poor schmuck.

Tax breaks for the poor had to be funded by higher taxes on middle and higher earners. “That has to be based on the expectation that the well-paid and wealthy will pay more tax.”
Well, you’d be hard pressed to find them – they’ve frigged of to the States, Asia or Europe.¬†

He also called for a major house building programme and a universal child benefit.
Can the RMA and watch the housebuilding take off and unemployment fall. What we don’t need is to be treated like kids.

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I am a property investor and I can tell you that Labour didn’t help the housing situation of today:
The current political message from the left  is that all housing investors deserve to be penalised with a Capital Gains Tax.
Furthermore, Phil Shearer yokes his white horse alongside Annette King and promises to dole out10000 houses per year to sve the yoof of today. This is rubbish unless they are saved by

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What really went on in the Labour Caucus stays in the Labour Caucus.
Unfortunately I can’t bring you any inside goss on what went on on Tuesday, but I can see into the future and I predict the following plotline for Cunliffe:
Cunliffe quits Labour and decides to rough it with the commoners by getting a job in the local department store: Smith and Caughey. He becomes a sales assistant in “Housewares”.
After mucking in with the commoners he re-discovers his special powers. King, Mallard and co visit the department store one day to taunt him. He comes to his senses:
Film transcript from Army of Darkness 1992:
Ash (Cunliffe) to Presland: “I thought about staying”.
“They offered me the chance to lead them, to teach them, to ah, to be king”.
¬†Presland: Licks lips, “Aha”? Looks up adoringly but simply at Ash/(Cunliffe)
Cunliffe: “But my place is here (in Housewares) so I swallowed the juice, said the words and here I am”.
Presland: “Did you say the words right this time”?
Well maybe I didn’t say every single tiny little syllable but here I am” .”
…………………… Uses the price sticker:
Heroine: “You know that story of how you could have been King”?
Heroine:¬† “I, ah”. Licks lips:
Heroine: “I think it’s kind of cute”.
Screaming and much breaking within Housewares. Annette King arrives: More screaming
Ash (Cunliffe) to Annette King: “Lady I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave the store”.
Annette King: “Who the hell are you”?
Name’s Ash/(Cunliffe).”Housewares”.
“King: “I’ll swallow your soul”.
Ash (Cunliffe)”Come get some”.
Ash(CUNLIFFE) Sure I could have stayed in the past Could have even been king”.
“But in my own way I am king”.
“Hail to the king baby”.
Army of Darkness 1992

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A road back for Cunliffe within Labour?
I doubt it. But this could be but a hiccup in a long political career for Cunliffe.
The beleaguered MP would do well to take a leaf out of the political manual of both Peter Dunne and Jim Anderton.

As Anderton said – “You don’t leave a political party, it leaves you”.

Both of the above Honourable Members¬† split from Labour in the ’90’s, possibly after coming up against Rainbow/Liberal Labour.

Labour in the ’90’s was like Roald Dahls, “The Witches”. Young, well meaning, middle-class male pollies were being stitched up by the Labour women like Mallard, King, Clark and co in their pursuit for the popular left wing vote. These individuals weren’t progressive enough and were sidelined by the usual political infighting for no worse than not being ‘progressive’ enough.

This was my first encounter with the Wellington Beltway, and the start of my interest in politics.

As a uni student you could easily find yourself listening to the musings of politicians in the usual spots. The Ox was one and you could get quite an interesting perspective just by sitting in the Back Bencher of an afternoon and lending an ear. There was a frankness by MP’s, to the general public then, that you don’t see now in these days of Patrick Gower and Garner et al.
As a pisshead (back then) I blended into the undergrowth and was rewarded with some interesting insights.
More than one politician, not in Politics today, came a cropper at the hands of those who have seen off the machinations of Cunliffe. Bohemians like Mallard were fine, but others got crop dusted.

Fast Forward 20 years:

Cunliffe’s electorate, New Lynn, supports Cunliffe fully. He’s got the electorate sewn up come 2014.

If I was a betting woman I would say that the next obvious move for Cunliffe is to resign sometime around Feb, and take new Lynn again in 2014.

I’m a housewife and don’t have time for complicated calculations, but I imagine that would put some shrivel in the Mana party as the dissaffected vote moves to T-Labour.
And if Hone survives the next election, there could be some interesting confidence and supply agreements,  with the major parties courting Dunne and Cunliffe and Hone throwing a spanner in the left wing works.

Talk about Deja Vu.

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Centuries after piracy was recognized as the first international crime against humanity, the U.N. Security Council held its first debate Monday on piracy’s rise as a threat to world peace and security:
 Pirates take an average of $5 million in ransom for each seized ship, costing the maritime industry at least $6.6 billion a year in extra security costs.

.The following is a fabulous pirate parody by Turtleneck and Chain: jack Sparrow, feat Michael Bolton:

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A week is a long time in politics.
Last week, the smart money was on Cunliffe rolling Shearer at the Labour party conference.
However there is a lot going on behind the scenes that isn’t obvious to anyone but the most canny of housewives. That’s me:
This week, it’s all playing out as predicted:
Cunliffe overstepped the mark and¬† last weeks Golden Boy is tomorrow’s back bench fodder. The usual media suspects are now saying that Cunliffe faces demotion and several other MP’s are tainted by association:

Predictions on the imminent reshuffling:

Long walk off a short plank:Potentially disloyal to Cunliffe or caught in the act and deadweight to boot.

In Patrick Gower order:

Going down, like a clown.
‘Nuff said.
Note: Some are saying that he can’t be demoted too far but he’s got to have the trapdoor dropped on him to kill leadership speculation once and for all. Parker’s gunna be his cell mate as Shearer needs to ensure the message is loud and clear – He’s da Boss.

Nanaia Mahuta
Is now: Education and associate Maori Affairs
Will Become: Associate Maori Affairs. and cleaning up after Parekura.
Note- still has a future in Labour

 Charles Chauvel
Is now: Justice, shadow A-G and Arts, Culture and Heritage
Will Become: Associate SD
Note: Chuck will never be A-G. This assignment requires a adoption of a certain amount of political neutrality as personified by the successful assignment of Chris Finlayson to the role.¬† By all accounts, Chuck isn’t capable of this.

Lianne Dalziel
Is now: Earthquake recovery and Civil Defence (CD), Consumer rights and Associate Justice.
Will Become: Paper Shuffling
Note – Shearer has good grounds for demotion regardless of perceived loyalty. She’s not knocked Gerry the Budgerigar off his perch.
Note: She’s never posed a suitable solution to alcohol pricing to target problem drinkers.

Sue Moroney
Is now:Early Childhood and women’s affairs
Will Become: Paper Shuffling

Moana Mackay
Is now: Spokesperson for Energy and climate change. Who Knew?
Will become: Paper shuffling.

Parekura Horomia
Is now: WTF? Just turns up to claim his allowances. Occasionally gets wheeled out to pound the ground over TOW and Maori Affairs. 
Will Become: Bellamys paperweight

Louisa Wall
Is now: Sports and voluntary Sector
Will Become: a lot busier – she’s going up in the world as Shearer can’t afford to alienate all the sisterhood.

Raymond Huo
Is now: Building and Construction. Stats and Land Information
Will become: The male version of Louisa Wall.

David Parker
Is now: Finance
Will become: Economic Development and Associate Justice or something manly to take away the sting of demotion

And if you’re in any doubt that there was disloyalty to Shearer, take a look at Grant and Jacinda Robertson-Ardern. They have not come close to generating the stir over a change of leadership that Cunliffe has.

Others on the UP:

Grant Robertson: Will get finance or associate Finance, Mallard to take SD

Jacinda Ardern: will get a manly portfolio to counter the Dolly image. Probably bright but should be kept the hell away from finance, as should most chicks because of the tendency to feel sorry for baby crocodiles.

To be updated as more info rolls in. 

amp Shearer: Standing by the leader
  • David Shearer
  • Grant Robertson
  • David Parker
  • Jacinda Ardern
  • Maryan Street
  • Clayton Cosgrove
  • Phil Twyford – Refuses to say – believed to be Shearer
  • Ruth Dyson – Refuses to say – believed to be Shearer
  • Trevor Mallard
  • Kris Faafoi
  • Iain Lees-Galloway
  • Damien O’Connor
  • Darien Fenton
  • Clare Curran
  • Phil Goff
  • Chris Hipkins
  • Annette King – Refuses to say – believed to be Shearer
  • David Clark
  • Andrew Little
  • Megan Woods

Read more:–how-the-numbers-stack-up/tabid/1382/articleID/277204/Default.aspx#ixzz2CddEfUse

  • David Cunliffe
  • Nanaia Mahuta
  • Charles Chauvel
  • Lianne Dalziel
  • Sua William Sio
  • Sue Moroney
  • Moana Mackey
  • Louisa Wall
  • Rajen Prasad
  • Parekura Horomira
  • Rino Tirikatene
  • Raymond Huo
  • Read more:–how-the-numbers-stack-up/tabid/1382/articleID/277204/Default.aspx#ixzz2CdKBRIn2

  • David Cunliffe
  • Nanaia Mahuta
  • Charles Chauvel
  • Lianne Dalziel
  • Sua William Sio
  • Sue Moroney
  • Moana Mackey
  • Louisa Wall
  • Rajen Prasad
  • Parekura Horomira
  • Rino Tirikatene
  • Raymond Huo
  • Read more:–how-the-numbers-stack-up/tabid/1382/articleID/277204/Default.aspx#ixzz2CdJw3XYB

  • Nanaia Mahuta
  • Charles Chauvel
  • Lianne Dalziel
  • Sua William Sio
  • Sue Moroney
  • Moana Mackey
  • Louisa Wall
  • Rajen Prasad
  • Parekura Horomira
  • Rino Tirikatene
  • Raymond Huo
  • Read more:–how-the-numbers-stack-up/tabid/1382/articleID/277204/Default.aspx#ixzz2CdTwx9Ew

  • David Cunliffe
  • Nanaia Mahuta
  • Charles Chauvel
  • Lianne Dalziel
  • Sua William Sio
  • Sue Moroney
  • Moana Mackey
  • Louisa Wall
  • Rajen Prasad
  • Parekura Horomira
  • Rino Tirikatene
  • Raymond Huo
  • Read more:–how-the-numbers-stack-up/tabid/1382/articleID/277204/Default.aspx#ixzz2CdJw3XYB

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     Had a friend visiting from Dunedin who alerted us to this classic gem.
    Perhaps Shearer watched this prior to forcing an ‘early’ leadership vote: OR: “Shearer got the numbers and he threw them on the ground”.

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