Trust issues

Oh Gawwd, That is my first reaction whenever I see a supposedly unbiased journalist start pushing  Message to one end of the political spectrum. This from twitter:

My question to Guyon on this: “I’ve got a lot more on this that I couldn’t get into that story”.
Why the hell not? You’re a journalist and if it’s newsworthy then it should have made the cut. If it’s not newsworthy then it’s supposition and smoke and mirrors which are tools that politicians use.

I asked Peter Dunne what he had to say about the foreign resident tax trust issue:
“Our position is consistent with the wider international norm that a country should not tax non-residents on foreign-sourced income.¬† In short, we don’t tax non-New Zealanders on income not earned in New Zealand”. PD

I think what Espiner and co are saying is that foreigners are putting their assets into NZ Trusts and area avoiding income or company tax in other countries
You’re always going to get chancers and the odd ultra-rich¬† with interesting ways of tying up their financial affairs. This doesn’t add up to the practice being endemic despite the rantings of a few.¬†
You can’t rule out the existence of these Trusts without threatening the domiciling of any business head office or having interesting effects on tax and company law downstream.

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