Stuff That Holly Hates

#1 Holly Hates Housing.

Building more suburbs in rural areas far from city centres will not make housing more affordable or New Zealand’s cities more liveable, Green Party housing spokesperson Holly Walker said today.

Of course Holly would say that. She doesn’t have children or any property investment nous.
What the hell are the Greens thinking in using Holly to front some kind of anti-housing campaign? It’s a terrible fit. You have to have inhabited a variety of dwellings to appreciate need for diversity and my bet is Holly is in the initial throes of the “interesting flatting circumstances”, stage. Lucky girl, I loved our Wellington warehouse flat we lived in for years.
You’re pushing barrows of dung uphill, with this, Holly. Many families want the traditional half acre dwelling that is a prime culprit in urban sprawl. That’s what we grew up with.
As dire and anti-gGaia as the concept might seem, we all want our children to reap the benefits of the half acre paradise.
This doesn’t happen in your bog-standard, skody, infill-housing project.
My family lives amidst urban sprawl. To be accurate, we live in the foothills of a U.S mountain where  we frequently see wild deer, coyotes, squirrels, gophers, racoons, and F*ckin Skunks.
I do indeed preface certain animals with that particular verb. Anything that eats cat biscuits and periodically sprays up an unholy stench on your deck is particularly deserving. 

The F*ckin Skunk lives to the left; A lizard as big as my hand to the right.
Many species coexist happily in suburban U.S. despite housing sprawl. Bart (Bay Area rail Transport) pulls hundreds of thousands of workers from the Greater Bay Area into San Francisco weekly.

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