No Such Thing as a Happy Period.

Bodyform Feminine hygiene products came in for a pasting recently by ‘Richard’ who posted this on their facebook wall:

The company responded with a rebuttal reminiscent of “You Can’t handle the truth”: Classic

Weird fact #1 When I first arrived in the states I wanted to be prepared for every contingency.
You know, just in case I was ever subjected to a ‘Horse-Riding Period’.
Being a female angel, I thought there was every chance I could fall victim to this phenomenon one day.
So I subjected myself to a relatively traumatic and drawn-out shopping experience as I stared at rows an rows of applicator thingy’s. Whole aisles dedicated to touch free ‘feminine hygiene products’. But, hardly any “umm, err”, ‘products’ without a stoopid cardboard tube.
In America it would seem that if you go ‘applicator commando’, you could very well be in moral peril.

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