Mitt Romney Style

Check out this Mitt Romney Gangnam Style parody:

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Those ladies dancing on the fairways –¬† that’s America. Lot’s of pony-tailed blond housewives bouncing around on the tennis court and on the golf course. I love it – it’s just like in the movees.¬†
Had a chat with business owner recently. Deals with the ultra rich in the normal course of business. 
Apparently a lot of the ultra rich really are pricks. They’ll mow down a 5 million dollar mansion to build a 30 million dollar mansion. Just to impress their mates. They’ll quibble over the last dollar to get the best deal.
Once you get to that level it’s a game apparently.¬†
I still think Mitt’s one of the good guys with a bad media image. Happens a lot and¬† the real chancers slip under the radar while lobbying on capitol Hill.
Who’d’a thunk it?
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