Julia rips Abbott a new one on behalf of Housewives Everywhere

A video of Gillard reaming it home to Tony Abbott after he attempts to force the Labour government to take some culpability over the Peter Slipper ‘sexist texts’, affair by forcing a vote in the house to remove the errant Speaker.

Slipper has just resigned as Speaker of the House over the series of sexist text messages sent to an advisor. Gillard spoke to the motion in what can only be described as an inspired political and oratory performance.

I started off watching this video feeling a little nervous. A woman in the full flight of a passionate diatribe can so easily be viewed as and labeled a harridan. I needn’t have worried.
She took him down like a clown.

As Gillard starts addressing the house, Abbott kicks back and sneers down his nose as if to say, “Take your time sweetheart, you can’t touch me.” She relates back to him all the sexist and misogynist remarks that has been attributed to him over the years including the time he said “…. “When the Housewives of Australia need to do what the Housewives of Australia need do understand as they do the ironing”.

Women don’t have testicles with which to arm their munitions but we have a full war chest attached to our own chests and with this she ruins him like an Armada on a rampage. Referring to the texts, she draws herself up to her full height, billows her chest out in Abbotts direction and states,:
“I am offended by their content because I am always offended by sexism”. And: “What I will never stand for is the Leader of the Opposition coming to this institution and pedaling a double standard”. And it’s all over for Tony Abbot who has been smitten by a billowy voluminous Admiral embodying female retribution.

Another stroke of political oratory genius as she waggles her finger at the naughty little boy and finishes by asking him to reflect on his close personal connections with Slipper, like a schoolmarm addressing a recalcitrant child.

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