Furs, Fashion and Housework.

Where did my youth go? The work associated with raising five (beautiful, gifted :), children is a bum rap sometimes. I can get quite envious of WTW (Women That Work). Pondering all this, I stopped this morning, shirked my duties and mucked around on some fashion sites.

Ralph Lauren:


Get a load of the price tag on those dead animal handbags. I love the $4500 ocelot bag.

Aren’t we all too PETA-fied to use unusual animal furs and skins in fashion?
Those that stand up for animal rights are to be commended, as is anyone who stands up for the underdog. Or cat.
But personally¬† I see no difference¬† between using leather and fur. We’re at the top of the food chain and everything eslse gets to warm my hide by virtue of this.
My perspective arises from when I used to help my Dad skin and tack up possum furs to dry for pocket-money. As a kid, theoretically I’d get 50c a skin but that finished the day he stiffed me for $50 after I sweated over 100 stinking possum carcasses. He forgot to pay me before he went off on his next hunting trip.
I’m still annoyed over that one, Pa.
More reasonably priced than the fashion candy above , is the ‘Lauren’ by Ralph Lauren range stocked in major department stores through out the US:

¬†Lauren leopard print organiser: $58 from Macy’s department stores.
For fondling and feeling feline even when the housework has gone to the dogs.


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