Fall in California

Two of the three sets of twins at our house. One set of cat twins and one set of human twins. The third set is the twins’ older brothers who are just less than two years apart in age so we jokingly refer to them as the oldest set of twins.

We love the Dr Who style streetlights on our section.

Facing directly South, Redwood trees line the fence.

The Redwoods provide shade for the lizards, snakes and cats.

Welcome home.

Grab a blanket if you get chilly.

Pumpkin buckets will be used by the boys for Trick or Treating on Halloween.

While the sun streams down in California, a Hurricane causes devastation in the Eastern United States.

One of the terrible hurricane stories that is currently airing on T.V.

We’re a multi LCD TV family even though the UN’s Helen Clark says that’s a little naughty and we only need so many LCD TV’s. 

Happy Halloween.

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