Country Clubbing on 9-11

I remember watching the horror of 9-11 unfold on New Zealand TV screens.  For those that were too young to remember:
On the night of 9-10, 2001, the world went to bed an adolescent teenager. Despite war raging in distant parts of the globe, many of my generation believed that with a measure of hope and judicious displays of might by Superpowers; world peace was feasible, if not imminent.
I say this as someone who was at that stage acquainted with the names of locations such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Chechnya and Bosnia.
¬†Once the horror started unfolding, live footage was broadcasted to TV’s around the world; Extraordinary, unprecedented horror. Think Nightmare in Times Square instead of Nightmare on Elm St.
Many in New Zealand missed the live footage at 3.30am and woke to the silent desolation of a global rape of innocence.
I was one of a Warehouse flat in Wakefield St, Wellington. New Zealand. We flatmates were all up at 3.00 am: Workaholics, bohemians, booze-hounds (me) and assorted travelers alike. We saw it all. The impact of the planes. The smouldering skyscrapers. Hundreds of suiciding human commas launching themselves from buildings.
They launched knowing the alternative was to die by fire. They launched in the vain hope a net would catch them. The US had previously withstood so much. Surely some of them would be caught. They weren’t. 2753 souls lost.
Finally we saw the collapse of the Towers and along with it, the collapse of the previous world order.

I’m not going to write anything mawkish about 9-11. Instead I’m posting a few images of myself
enjoying a taste of what middle class America has to offer. What it has to offer despite the existance of it’s many enemies.
Rocking out with my frock out, as it were:

A local Country club. San Francisco bay Area, California.

The American flag.
There are elements of society who seek to denigrate all that is American. Be skeptical of those that talk negatively about America’s incessant thirst for oil. It’s not necessarily untrue but mostly it is envy. Destructive envy of the Green variety. Kennedy Graham, UN public servant type propaganda. In my experience America is beautiful, kind, competitive and proud.
I remember well, the distaste towards America in the 2000’s over the invasion of Iraq; puportedly to find weapons of mass destruction that were proven not to exist. Can you blame Bush? The Al Queda fuckwits were bound to be hiding somewhere. Iraq wasn’t a bad first guess.
However, certain factions would have you believe that America should have turned the other cheek.
There are skyscrapers in San Francisco that I wander past regularly, You can see into the offices in the ground floors. In every office you can see cards. Childish cards where children have wished their parents who work in these offices Happy Birthdays, Happy Mothers Day and Fathers Day. Finally I understood. The Twin towers would have been filled with these childish cards. Cards that were destroyed along with the authors parents. Evil caused the destruction of the Twin Towers. Evil that was on the loose in World War Two and Vietnam.
And there will always be idiots that say you shouldn’t confront evil.¬†
I say: “Thank god I’m just an American Housewife and can spend time in a Country Club instead of contemplating these Matters of State.


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