War-What is it good for?

Certain factions of Afghan and Pakistan society would quite happily carry on with their genocide of others. Namby Pamby pacifists would not hamper their progress: Not to forget that the US and it’s allies ( I won’t say the U.N. because in some opinions, it is a organization that enables terrorists, ) were asked for help directly. For a reality check as to what Jacinda Baker was in the middle of re-stabilising:

“Dear United Nations and the World,
Please hear the plea of Hazara in Pakistan and Afghanistan for recognition of blatant genocide and the violation of our human rights by Sunni terrorism.
We are in desperate need of your immediate help.

The Hazara People‚ÄĚ

Lest we forget:

“Racial” enemies such as the Jews could, by definition, never belong to the Volksgemeinschaft, thus requiring their total removal from society. The German historian Detlev Peukert wrote that the National Socialists’ “goal was an utopian Volksgemeinschaft, totally under police surveillance, in which any attempt at nonconformist behaviour, or even any hint or intention of such behaviour, would be visited with terror”.
 From Wikipedia.

To put this quote in context you must know that Hazara peoples are racially identified and slaughtered in their thousands.

And that, my dear friends, is why I don’t vote Greens. They say, leave them all to it. “They” must sort out their own mess”. I say that is inhumane.

¬†And of course there is the way that war can be bought directly to the shores of nations not at war with them. But rescue from oppressors and nation building assistance can come from afar. That’s why we are there, even if war sucks.

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