These guys are putting women and black people in their places

From a guest post at Whaleoil, two individuals with archaic views on equality argue that same sex marriage isn’t a matter of equality, discrimination, love or consent. In fact, their last paragraph says:
“This shows that the issue is not equality, discrimination, love or consent. It is about whether good reasons exist independently of these features for the prohibition in question (apparently social norms based on biblical texts amount to good reasons in any context other than same-sex relationships). Consequently, appealing to these features as though they themselves provided good reasons is a red herring and it is not good enough to justify a law change.”

The crux of their justification is:Because we don’t allow bestiality or “relations”with our close kin, why should we then apply a rule of equality to same sex marriage.¬†

They have concisely and effectively presented their argument which I won’t bother rebutting; I am a housewife with five kids and have far to much to do to proselytize.
Go to Whaleoil or Kiwiblog if you want to dance on the head of a pin.

However, It seems fairly obvious that using much the same arguments, you could be denying women and “black people” the vote. It all boils down to the a same conservative meme: it is against the natural order of things. It is conveniently overlooked that the, “natural order of things”, changes in time.

If it doesn’t hurt anyone else, why should it bother anyone else? Should we presume that future society won’t look back in horror at the discrimination accorded to couples on basis of their sexual orientation?
Personally I see no reason to disallow same-sex marriage. It is after all the state’s decision not the church’s decision. My primary concern is it all seems to be a tool primarily to subjugate women whether you apply the argument to same-sex marriage, slavery or voting rights.
I got married in love and good faith and because it seemed like the natural order of things. Because I liked the people I got married in front of and I liked the big dress.

However, ten years of marriage can make you cynical. Not about my wonderful husband but I am cynical about the institution of marriage. And cynical about the worth of women in the eyes of the church and the state; primarily as incubators and economic placeholders.
As a measure of protest I recently changed my blogging name, and indeed the name I use unofficially, to Monique Angel. I think I’ll keep it that way until the laws on same sex marriage are revised.
And then think I’ll keep it that way to cheer me up and remind me that you have to be an Angel to put up with cleaning up after this:

 Our house is a mixture of housework,  science and politics. Science, politics and kids.

Mutual respect. The key factor to a successful marriage.

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