Sumner Burstyn now slagging off our cops:

I deliberately ignored the last post from soldier hater Sumner Burstyn as posted recently on her defunct production company web page I don’t want to be stoking any fires and dragging things out.

I couldn’t ignore this from CBC, where she is saying our cops are useless and didn’t investigate her claims seriously.

New Zealander facing online death threats turns to Toronto police

A New Zealand filmmaker who provoked outrage over her online comments about a dead soldier is praising Toronto police for their help, claiming that Auckland officers refused to immediately investigate rape and murder threats against her — allegations that the New Zealand force denies.
Sumner Burstyn, who is married to a Canadian filmmaker from Montreal and is working in Toronto, became the target of a vitriolic internet campaign after making provocative comments about Lance Cpl. Jacinda Baker, a female soldier from New Zealand who was recently killed in Afghanistan.
“We have screen grabs that would make your hair curl, they’re so scary,” she told CBC News in a telephone interview, adding that the situation is like a “witch hunt.”

God, any normal human being would have seen the light by now and STFU. The “Sumner Buystyn please give back your New Zealand passport” Fbook page would have been down in a flash if she had just said she was:
 “sorry, mmm,kay, can we let it go at that”.

But no, she now has slagged off New Zealand women for their poor choices, our army, our men and now our cops. 

The links to what Sumner Burstyn original said are here:

And here:

She seems to be having diificulty understanding the reaction by the New Zealand public so I have spelt it out for here here:

As she will see by the last – she really has nothing to “fear”. Nothing to fear except for fear itself, as the saying goes or the fear of admitting she was wrong.

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