If course they would say that. It’s against progress.

The Greens have stated that the Basin Reserve Flyover is a waste of money. Green American MP Julie Anne Genter’s press release as follows:

Giving this press release a housewifely fisking from the top:

The Basin Reserve flyover plan is incredibly expensive, opposed by Wellingtonians and will have a negative impact on the heritage value of the Basin Reserve,” said Green Party transport spokesperson Julie Anne Genter.
Commentary: MA (Monique Angel. (That’s me) :
What heritage value. As long as you can still play cricket at the Basin Reserve, who cares about the so-called heritage value. The surrounding area is a magnet for glue sniffers so a bit more traffic and appropriate lighting can only improve this location. It is as butt ugly a corner of Wellington as you can get. The only reason you’d bother to walk alongside the Basin is to enter the grounds for a game of cricket or to find a shadow in which to sniff glue.

“Spending ninety million dollars on a road that has declining traffic volumes is an unaccountable waste of tax payers money.
This part of the argument is absolutely appalling, This is a major trade route. A 1st world country (Ha) has declining traffic volumes from theCapital city centre to the airport. WTF?
Julie Anne darling, you have a shit load more to grizzle about than an ugly stretch of concrete. Common sense would dictate that you push through as much infrastructure as possible to increase the trade from Wellington to, (well, everywhere else).

The Basin Reserve flyover plan is incredibly expensive, opposed by Wellingtonians and will have a negative impact on the heritage value of the Basin Reserve.
HA ha. What heritage value. Tourists don’t come to New Zealand to see a poorer example of what can be viewed in many parts of Europe or the U.K. They come here for the food and because we’re off the beaten track.¬†
Pure unspoiled Middle Earth except for the abundance of Colin Craig’s easy girls.¬†
¬†If you must view this type of architecture then holiday in New Plymouth. There’s a lot less glue sniffers.
And yes the flyover will be opposed by Wellingtonians who are not aware that New Zealand south of the Bombay Hills is rapidly becoming the Cuba of the South Pacific because of a decrease in GDP and a decrease in the balance of trade. 

“Every day the Government says we can’t afford wasteful public spending, yet the Basin Reserve flyover has a poor cost benefit analysis and is more expensive than other options.
Wasteful public spending is paying for kiddie bashers to consume ozygen. Investment in infrastructure can only be positive. It increases trade which broadens the tax base to pay for in-work tax credits. Note that the Greenies want a fucking tunnel? Under the water table! All so our eyeballs don’t bleed at the site of the so-called flyover monstrosity.

“NZTA’s own data shows declining traffic volumes on both Buckle Street and Patterson Street. This flyover is a solution looking for a problem.
Pure rubbish. If all is going right, there should be ongoing increases in trade and subsequent increases in traffic volume. 

The vast majority of people coming into Wellington take public transport, cycle or walk. Great investment in light rail and buses, as well as cycle lanes could significantly reduce traffic flows in this area further.
¬†Bullshit. The majority of people traveling into Wellington drive so they don’t have to share breathing space with other big smelly bastards.

“A massive concrete motorway flyover is an invitation for future urban decay and crime. It is the exact opposite of smart transport planning.
“Many cities around the world are removing flyovers. It is thoughtless to invite social problems by building one when we don’t need to.

Where? This is pure rubbish. BTW Anne Genter is American. She apparently studied in Berkley. Like many others of her generation she was indoctrinated into socialism and couldn’t prosper in her birth country.¬† I’ve met a number of this varietal here. But less in number than “proud” Americans.¬†
Genter moved to New Zealand to work within her belief system. I don’t believe she has special powers or knowledge about negative impact caused by flyovers despite her background. ¬† ¬†
And I’m not saying there has never been a flyover that has been rerouted in America. I am saying the country would shut down if it didn’t rely on sophisticated highway engineering to streamline traffic flows.¬†

I drive flyovers every day:

‘Ware! There be flyovers. And big gas guzzling cars. ¬†

“A smart green approach to transport gets more people and freight moving, while enhancing the valuable land in the central city.”

WTF is that supposed to mean?

Disclaimer. I have voted Greens at a previous general election. It means I am not conservative for the sake of conservatism. It doesn’t mean I’m a luddite.

Unlike Iona Pannett who also states that people around the world are pulling down flyovers. Where?  Am I to believe that right at this moment in time, flyovers (fancy word for a road over top of a road) are so ugly that hordes of people are descending on these structures and are pulling them down with their bare hands?

Roads. Bring ’em on.We need to move people and increase trade.¬†

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