Hell Hath no Fury Like a Grunt Scorned.

Herald on Sunday on Sumner Burstyn’s disparaging and dispassionate remarks about NZDF’s  Jacinda Baker who was killed in Afghanistan while serving as a medic:


It isn’t the first time Burstyn has slandered the name of a soldier who died in combat. The spotlight of the public has cast her in an unfavourable light. She shut down her facebook page, and not being one to live by the idiom, “Discretion is the better part of valour”, has put up a passive-aggressive response to the Facebook page: Sumner Burstyn give Back your New Zealand Passport:

Sumner Burstyn’s, “I’m a victim so buy my movie”, page is here:

My opinion: It’s a lot of disgusting, imflammatory tripe. Here is the guts of it, with my commentary in bold:

Cloud South Films Page:
SB: It’s been a difficult few days. I made a comment on facebook. A thoughtless comment for which I unreservedly apologise to the family, friends and loved ones of Jacinta Baker.

Monique angel: Actually you gloated over her death.

SB: I do not in the slightest gloat at this young woman’s death ~ Yes you did and you’ve done it every time New Zealand has lost a soldier in a war-zone, you silly tart. It’s all been copied onto the Facebook page that’s up in your honour. Check it out.
SB: I bemoan the tragic loss of her valuable life. No you didn’t and don’t. You said she made “flawed choices”, and indicated that she, “got what was coming”.
SB: Certainly my choice of words at the time was not good. Not good! Here they are:

Original Post:”oh so fallen soldier Jacinda Baker liked boxing and baking- did they forget she also like invading countries we are not at war with, killing inocent people and had no moral compass”. Sumner Burstyn.

Me: And then you rubbed salt into the wound with the following:
Original Post:”That’s not honoring our country, it’s helping to destroy another one. She 100% does not deserve our respect for her flawed choices. we are not at war. We are helping America invade another country for their oil. No more than that. Go to war expect to be killed. You can’t have it both ways-oh nice little career with the military and shock horror when you get blown up”.Sumner Burstyn.

SB: But the response to these words has been extreme. 
That’s what you get when you mess with four million intrepid immigrants and their descendants. It takes  lot of balls to immigrate to the furthest away nation on the earth and become part of New Zealand culture instead of remaining a critical onlooker. We’re far away from other nations but we’re a nation that punches above its weight in war-zones. Sure, we’re extreme. Brave and extreme. 

SB: A Facebook group was set up with the sole purpose of shaming and scaring me. 
Yeah, and I think there was an element of frightening you in battle as well. Ever seen the haka performed live? We’re a warrior nation, we are. These days no-one ends up dead. We just want to frighten yo ass.

SB: On it the men & soldiers of New Zealand threatened to rape me with chainsaws, to run me over, to burn down my house and murder me. I was told I would be stalked and hunted down. They extended the threats to my family. 
Yeah, there were a few hot-heads contributing to your facebook page and they got pulled up quickly. No-one tolerates that shit. See above about “frightening yo ass”. You pissed us off worse than that Australian rooter Shane Warne.

SB: This is the black underbelly of my country. Bitch,  that sounds racist. You don’t a wanna be saying that kinda shit round these parts. We is the ones fighting amongst ourselves over asset sales but we could fight you instead, if you really wanna.

SB: Many of these men, and mostly they were men, posted these threats as members of NZ Armed Forces. They did so with no attempts to hide their identities.
It was hot-air, dumbass. The real nongs post anonymously. If it comforts you, I heard there is gonna be a police investigation. I think there might be some bread broken and some doughnuts eaten.

SB: Not one suggested that such violence and brutality might be an extreme response to careless words. No one in authority within the NZDF acted to control their staff in this extreme version of cyber-bullying.
That’s rubbish but just a moment while I get the tiny violin brigade to assist you as well, Girl.

SB: The violence and brutality of the response has made me even more opposed to our presence in Afghanistan. 
 Yeah, we assumed that’s why your webpage popped up like the Kardashians. The word for it is “grandstanding”. 

SB: And it begs the question – if the men of the New Zealand Defence force behave like this at home, what are they doing when deployed overseas? 
Yeah, nah, they is good buggers both when they are at home and overseas. It’s the little shits with too much time on their hands that be the problem, Girl.

SB: If this is the culture that is endorsed by the NZDF then it is no wonder our country is blighted with domestic violence and child abuse.
 ‘T’aint your country methinks.
 We has got many teams we back. Today it is the All Blacks cos they whipped the pussies across the ditch last night. And one team we back because they have “got our BACKS”, IS THE NZDF. WTF! Did you just slander our defence force along with the memory of a dear soldier?

SB: When men feel free to respond to a handful of words they don’t like with threats of extreme violence then you know we are a truly sick society.
I’m getting a sick of this.  I’m a telling our netballers to come moko yo ass.

SB: Since Jacinta is the focal point there, let’s ask ourselves how she would have felt about these horrendous threats of rape and torture, mutilation and murder posted in her name on Facebook.
Edited my response to allow that statement by Ms Burstyn to speak for itself.

SB: Again I apologise for my careless words to Jacinta’s family.

Weel, they’ll be wondering for a long time who the fuck you directed that apology to because you spelt her name wrong Einstein. 

God. The woman is awful.
After making a right cock of herself in the first instance by being disrespectful to a much loved and mourned new Zealander, she deliberately inflames the situation. She won’t recant and restates her position repeatedly over social media. It’s an obvious tactic to gain publicity and sell more of her films. She is a 2-bit  filmmaker who recently shut down her company when the government turned the tap off on subsidies.

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