Auckland Transport is going to get owned

It has been suggested that beleaguered Snapper will receive a golden handshake to step away from the integrated ticketing service it was contracted in November 2010 to deliver for NZ Bus Services Auckland as part of the Auckland Integrated Fare System (AIFS) by November 2012.  While non-performance clauses are quite commonly inserted in software delivery contracts, Auckland sources tell me that any termination attempts will be bitterly contested by Infratil backed Snapper. The Snapper media release is here:

You don’t have to read very far to see that Auckland Transport (AT) have bought themselves a fight.(Another, fight)

Snapper says AT have “purported” to terminate the participation agreement signed November 2010.
The use of the word “purported shows Snapper isn’t walking away. If you read further, Snapper states that they are ready to integrate once AT’s Auckland Integrated Fare System (AIFS) is ready. Finger pointed squarely. @Thales

AT made a rather extreme about-face from the 21st of August when they stated that they were still working with Snapper:
Three days later on the 24th August, the previous Auckland Integrated Fare System (AIFS) Programme link is missing in action from the AT website:

It was replaced  with this cheery missive on rollout dates:

There are only two explanations for a FUBAR at this level. Someone is doing some arse-covering for previous bad project management decisions or France based firm Thales (prime contractor for the AIFS  project) is balking on providing information and components to Snapper in order to pick up the whole project, including the bus hardware for NZ bus, once sufficient evidence of non-performance has arisen.

watch this space.

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